Episode 517



Steve gets his warrant and the team goes back to the Aramis assembly plant. They look around. There is no sign of androids. Julie uses her powers to learn of a secret sub-basement. There they see the androids under construction. The employee say that it is all legitimate, that these were ordered by the Federal Government for the Secret Service and Security Personnel. Steve tells him that his androids have been attacking innocent people in the city. The man says they only assemble them. Programming is done elsewhere. Steve discusses the situation with Captain Garcia. He is concerned that this may be a legitimate government operation. The captain warns him that pursuing this could have some serious consequences. Steve asks him what he would do. Garcia smiles. Damien is put back on active duty.

Brandon tries to talk to Page but she says she needs her space. She explains that she is dealing with stuff he can't understand. He wants to know, but she refuses to tell him. He gets upset and says he's had enough. That night Page has a nightmare about her near rape in high school. She wakes up and starts crying.

Julie returns from visiting Emma at Deanna's ranch and finds Page a mess. She talks with her. Page begins taking her anti-depressants again.

Steve briefs the team about the possible government connection to Aramis and the android assassins. Page is not present and Julie covers for her. He tells them pursuing this could cost them their jobs. Nobody backs down.

They look into Ethan Evans past and discover that he is Ellen Henry's brother.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Ellen are at the programming facility. We see their large computer server, the mainframe and master computer connected to all the androids.