Episode 518



Steve is becoming obsessed with this case and Julie is always worrying and helping the various members of the team. A rift grows between them. They get into an argument when neither one of them wants to hear what the other is talking about.

Ethan and Ellen meet with President Barton. Ethan reports that fifty tainted people were exterminated since the androids have been released. He also says they found a large concentration of tainted activity on what appears to be a ranch on the outskirts of Los Angeles. He says three androids are en route right now.

Julie and Brandon study the android. She vents about her problems with Steve. Brandon says he is the last person to give relationship advice, considering how screwed up things got with Page. He asks Julie if maybe he made a mistake letting Lilah go (408). Julie says he followed his heart. Brandon tells her that it's over with Page.

Brandon talks with Tasha over the phone and tells her what they found in the android. She tells him that their eyes have satellite links and that they can detect the exact radiation signature given off by the tainted. She says it is a good thing the tainted are sparse. Julie immediately thinks of Emma and Deanna's ranch. Julie tries calling the ranch, but there is no answer. Julie has local uniformed cops check in on the ranch.

Damien is on a date with Leah Parker when he gets a call from Julie.

Brandon goes to Page. She is still a little depressed. He is very harsh with her. He tells her that whatever she is dealing with, to get over it. The world does not revolve around her and the team needs her. She joins them.

The team gets to the ranch. The uniformed cops are dead. The school is in anarchy. The team splits up and fights the androids. Some students and teachers are found dead. Deanna is trapped in a bunker with Emma and other students. Many of them are crying. An android breaks in. Deanna pulls out a gun and shoots him several times. The bullets have no effect. He shoves her aside and moves in on the children. He grabs Emma by the throat, when Brandon suddenly tackles him. Steve and Damien take out another android. Julie takes out the third and is still looking for her sister. Page helps the students escape. Brandon is severely hurt in the fight with the android. Steve shoots high voltage into the android causing it to short circuit. Julie and Emma reunite. Emma says Brandon saved her life.