Episode 519



Crystal Marx meets with Steve and the team. She tells him there are several missing tainted people from the safe houses. Steve tells her it may be best if they dissolve the safe houses. Crystal argues that many of the tainted in the safe houses are too deformed to go out in public. They cannot support themselves or really be a part of society. Steve tells her to keep them in small groups or else the androids will detect them.

The team splits up to help the various groups of the tainted underground relocate. Brandon notices that they are being followed. A car chase ensues. They crash. And Brandon and some tainted refugees face off with the android. Suddenly, there is a little explosion in the android and he falls to the ground. Brandon looks up to see Lilah Reyes on the fire escape.

Meanwhile, one of the androids kills a norm. President Barton is furious and talks with Ethan Evans. Ethan tells him it must be a malfunction. He runs a diagnostic on the main computer but finds nothing wrong. He also runs tests on the individual android, but finds nothing. He dismisses it as a glitch.

Julie is glad to have Emma home with her. Steve talks with Julie about the fight they had. They both apologize and agree to set aside alone time with each other.

Page talks to Damien about how things ended with Brandon. She admits to him that she loves Brandon. Damien tells her to let him go. She has put him through a great deal. For five years he has tried to reach her and she blew it.