Episode 520



Commissioner Klein (504) calls Steve to LAPD headquarters. He orders him to not interfere with the androids. He is getting pressure from above to close the investigation. Steve refuses. The commissioner asks for his badge and says his unit is officially shut down. The police come into the team's offices and take back all the LAPD equipment. They all turn in their badges. Steve is furious. Julie comforts him.

An investigation is launched into President Barton's relations with Aramis Technologies when news of their agenda leaks into Congress.

Leah Parker reveals the plot to exterminate the tainted in a special report. Debates and protests break out. Some support a tainted free country, while tainted rights advocates protest and demand Barton be impeached.

Brandon goes out with Lilah. They discuss everything that has happened. They are attacked by an android. Lilah is seriously injured. Brandon fights off the android. He flees with Lilah and takes her to the hospital. Deanna meets them there.

More norms are killed by the androids. In the end, Aramis's artificial intelligence mainframe becomes self aware. The employees are all killed and the computer takes over the building. Ethan escapes, but Ellen is killed in the escape.