Episode 521



The Aramis Mainframe continues to build androids. It now programs them to kill norms and tainted alike. Ethan calls President Barton and tells him what has happened. Barton is furious. He also learns that he is being impeached. Ethan goes into hiding.

Brandon visits Lilah in the hospital. On his way home he sees an android attack a woman on the street. He comes to her aid. He discovers that she is not tainted. He reports this back to Steve.

All the major cities are in anarchy. The androids are loose and are killing every human in sight. The LAPD is no match against them. President Barton confesses everything before Congress and tells them about the androids' new directive. He asks to call in the group of tainted who rescued the city from the flamethrower's seige (422). Senator Nicholas Hill contacts Steve. Damien discusses the whole situation with Page. He says he always knew this day would come. When the norms' hatred of the tainted would bring about the end of mankind. It was why he wanted to build up an army of tainted followers in the first place. So that thier kind would be ready for this inevitable confrontation. That night Steve and Julie discuss the call from the senator. He tells her this is bad. He can feel it. She agrees. Later, Julie confides in Brandon that she may be pregnant. She tells him not to tell anyone.

The team flies out to Washington. There they meet up with Tasha, who was also contacted. They meet with a congressional committee. They are briefed on the situation. The government is declaring a state of Marshall Law. The military is being dispatched to all the major cities. President Barton speaks with them. He tells them that from what Ethan has said, destroying the mainframe will not stop the androids. There is no telling how many are out there. The only way to stop this is to gain control over the mainframe and reprogram them. They all turn to Tasha. She tells them it will be very difficult. They ask about Ethan. Barton says he has fled undercover. Tasha says they need to find him. The government offers up all their resources in this effort.

To Be Continued...