Episode 522 - Season Finale



The tainted and norms must join forces against the androids or face extinction. We open with various fights taking place in the cities. The androids face off against law enforcement, the military, and the tainted (possible cameos of recurring characters). Julie uses her powers to try and locate Ethan Evans. Tasha is hard at work coming up with computer viruses and various other plans to disable the mainframe computer. Steve coordinates with government personnel. Julie and Damien find Ethan hiding out in a dirty old motel downtown. They ask him about the facility and the main computer. He tells them what kind of system it is and the location and security features. Just then, bullets come shooting through the wall and he is killed. Damien shields Julie from the onslaught of bullets and they flee as androids break into the room.

Julie and Damien report back to Steve and Tasha. She finds the information helpful in planning her method of attack.

Page finally tells Brandon that she loves him. He is surprised by it and not sure how to respond. She tells him she knows she blew it with him, but she wanted him to know that in case they don't survive this.

Julie asks Steve to take care of Emma if anything happens to her. He assures her they will all make it.

The team leads a large group of military personnel in an attack on the Aramis Tech. tower. The computer's security system is formidable and dozens of androids are on watch. They attack from several directions at once. Damien gets Tasha inside. The rest of the team try to take out as many androids as possible. Many of the military men die in the mission. Tasha reaches a computer terminal. She tries to upload the virus. Damien uses his powers to protect her as she tries to break into the system.

Brandon and Steve are trapped in a chamber in the building with several androids. They are severely injured. The computer begins releasing toxic gas through the vents. Brandon and Steve think they are going to die and tell each other everything they want the other to know before they die. Brandon tells Steve he is going to be a father.

Meanwhile, Tasha tries various things to disarm the system. Damien continues to fight off the androids. Tasha ends up using her powers when he is overwhelmed.

Page is on the outskirts of the battle communicating with the various units inside.

Tasha finally disables the mainframe and uploads a self destruct virus. Androids begin to self destruct everywhere. Everyone evacuates the building. Steve and Brandon do not make it out before the building explodes.

To Be Continued...


Steve and Brandon emerge from the rubble.