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Parental Advisory: This series contains adult content and is intended for Mature Readers.


 In a dystopian future, unadopted orphans, upon turning eighteen, are sold to Olympus, a high-tech co-ed brothel for the Elite class. While many of the pleasure workers at Olympus have accepted their fate, newcomer Ryan refuses to give up hope. In fact, he may be the one to bring down Olympus and set its slaves free. This is his story.




 Ryan was born to second-tier elites. He survived a suspicious aircar crash that killed his parents. As a child in the Orphan Ward, he was molested by Mr. John. He is handsome and athletic, compassionate, brave, vulnerable, rebellious, and very protective of others. He is immediately smitten with Kristen. He questions how a place like Olympus is allowed to exist and will ultimately bring down the brothel and the corrupt officials that support it.



 Kristen is the first pleasure worker to meet and befriend Ryan. She is not very open about her past. She is determined to remain positive, refusing to dwell on anything negative. She also suffers from bulimia, though she hides it well. She is very beautiful and sensual yet maintains a bright girl-next-door demeanor. She has accepted her life at Olympus but is secretly hopeful that one of her clients will fall for her and buy her freedom.



 Jax exudes confidence and charisma, but really just doesn't want to rock the boat. He is handsome and athletic and acts like he really enjoys all the sexual activity at Olympus. However, when he first got there, he was told he wasn't "black" enough, and his bravado is actually an act. He also is forced to endure racist stereotypes and expectations from Olympus's clients, which bother him more than the actual sexual acts he has to perform.



Lan is the older sister of Matt, Ryan's best friend from the orphan ward. She is beautiful and slim. She is very interested in acquiring knowledge, often doing research and studying history. She uses alcohol and drug patches to deal with her situation, especially after an abusive client takes a liking to her. Sadly, as a sense of hopelessness sets in, Lan will not be long for this world, which will hit Ryan very hard. He had promised his friend that he would look out for her.



 The voluptuous and enigmatic Ms. Eve runs Olympus. While she is a master salesperson, ensuring client satisfaction, there is a kernel of compassion that peaks through her businesswoman facade. She is very strict and matter-of-fact about what goes on at Olympus. Even the most heinous acts do not seem to bother her. And yet, she has an almost maternal relationship towards her pleasure workers. But even she has to answer to someone else.



 Mr. John is Ms. Eve's right-hand man. He is also Olympus's chief recruiter. He often scouts young orphans in L.A.'s orphan wards, molesting potential recruits. He would repeatedly molest the orphans and if he takes a liking to them, he instructs the orphan ward mistress of Olympus's intent to purchase them on their eighteenth birthday. He even molests Ryan after he arrives at Olympus.




 Vanessa is a beautiful, ambitious, and ethical LAPD cop who is determined to bring down Olympus and the corruption in the police force. Realizing that her own captain is protecting Olympus, she reaches out to Ryan, posing as a client, to help her hack into the brothel's mainframe. She also has her own suspicions surrounding Ryan's parents' death, though she doesn't tell him. She is trying to solve the murder of a childhood friend, who ended up a pleasure worker at Olympus. She suspects that when workers age out, Olympus simply "terminates" them. She works closely with those protesting Olympus including Pastor Brent Adams and reporter, Jenna Downey.