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Steve Johnson

Page Black

Brandon Roberts

Tasha Williams

Julie Hayes

Damien Hart

Kimberly Grant

Deanna Reynolds

Jake Shaw

Chris Li








Steve Johnson

Power: Electricity

Steve's mother died in childbirth. With no living relatives, Steve was part of an experiment conducted by NowGex Labs on orphaned infants. His powers are the result of these experiments. This discovery changes his life forever.

Steve grew up in foster homes and never really had anything resembling a family until he joined the team. He participated in sports in high school and college and was very popular with the ladies. Steve and Julie Hayes began dating during their freshman year of college.

Steve is private and independant. He is a born leader and is field commander of the team. Keeping the team together is very important to him since it is the only family he has ever had.




Page Black

Power: Siren (ability to put men under her spell)

Page has deep seeded intimacy issues due to her ability to put men under her spell. She constantly questions any man's interest in her. Her parents freaked when they discovered she was tainted. She ran away at eighteen, and they are happier for it.

Page became a member of Damien's criminal gang in New York. She and Damien had a relationship, and he cared for her. Upon coming to L.A., she decided to leave that life of crime behind. To this day, she is haunted by her past and constantly feels the need to make up for her crimes.

Though she has feelings for Brandon, she breaks up with him after one date realizing she can't be in a relationship right now. She joins the team after helping them foil Damien's plan to use the GAD (Genetic Altering Device) to create an army of Tainted followers. With the help of Kimberly Grant and Dr. Deanna Reynolds, Page is still learning how to master her powers.





Brandon Roberts


Power: Super Strength, Accelerated Healing

Brandon was raised by his aunt and uncle, after his parents supposedly died. He and Julie grew up together and are very close.

Brandon is very open about his feelings and often confides in Julie. Though they are friends, this has caused a tension between him and Steve, Julie's boyfriend.

Brandon was the first to meet Page and is genuinely in love with her. However, Page's insecurities have have rendered her incapable of having a relationship and he decides to wait for her.

Brandon's mother is actually alive and in prison for his father's murder. When he realizes that Julie has known this all along, it puts a strain on their friendship.





Julie Hayes

Power: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Empathy, Mind Control

Julie was born to a Baptist Minister. She has very maternal insticts and is the glue that holds the team together. Wise beyond her years, Julie is often consulted by her friends in need of advice.

Julie and Brandon grew up together and have a very close friendship. They are like brother and sister, and this closeness often causes conflicts in Julie's relationship with Steve. Another issue with Steve is her belief in waiting until marriage before sleeping together.

Julie's powers cause intense migraines due to the stress they place on her nervous system.






Tasha Williams


Power: Fire

Tasha is by far the smartest and most troubled member of the team. Her powers first manifested themselves during a nightmare when she was fifteen. She woke up to find her home in flames. Her parents both died in that fire.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Tasha drowned her sorrows in alcohol and became an alcoholic. With the help of her brother, Johnny, she was able to get sober.

She is a computer science major, and is a computer and mechanical genious. When her brother is killed saving her life, Tasha falls off the wagon and to this day continues to struggle with her alcoholism. She is often haunted by her brother's memory. She continues to be hostile toward Damien for killing her brother, even after he joins the team.





Damien Hart

Powers: Energy Pulse, Near Invincible, Photosensitive

Damien is the leader of a gang of tainted criminals. They moved to L.A. from New York, where he led a large tainted crime ring.

He was photosensitive and could not go out in direct sunlight. He has spent most of his life hiding in the shadows and his crimes come out of a deep seeded hatred for the Norms. His goal is to unite all the oppressed tainted and put the Norms in their place.

He has strong feelings for Page, and has spared her many times. His second-in-command, Veil, seems to be more evil and often pushes him to be more cruel. She eventually leads a coup against him and he ends up joining the team.

He is compassionate and vulnerable under his very strong and cold exterior. When he discovers he was a victim of NowGex Labs' experiments, he undergoes a procedure that makes him look like a norm and allows him to go out in the sun.





Kimberly Grant


Kimberly is the multi-millionaire widow of James Grant, Founder of Grant Enterprises. After taking over the company, it has flourished and grown. Her resources seem endless and she has friends in every place.

She is very compassionate and maternal, yet remains reserved. She is the one that brought the team together. In return for helping them control and master their super powers, they agree to go on various missions for her. Usually, these missions involve law enforcement and investigating tainted criminals the police are ill equipped to handle.

Kimberly is close friends with Dr. Deanna Reynolds, head of The Grant Medical Center. She has secrets she keeps from the team. Her husband died a mysterious death, and she does not like to talk about it.





Dr. Deanna Reynolds

Deanna Reynolds is highly intelligent and very friendly and approachable. She has a PhD in several areas of medicine and specializes in genetics. She is chief physician and administrator of The Grant Medical Center.

Deanna and Kimberly are best friends. Deanna treats the team's injuries and often acts as a counselor for them. She is well liked and the team thinks of her as a big sister. She feels guilty about the death of Johnny, Linda's brother.

She and Kimberly have a secret sub-basement under the medical center where they have a top secret lab. They have a secret mission that even the team is unaware of.





Chris Li

Power: Invisibility

Morally corrupt and born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Chris was heir to a multi-million dollar corporation, but he gave it all up, selling it to Kimberly's Grant Enterprises.

Aimlessly hanging around, Chris is a womanizer and learns about the team by spying on them, invisible. He eventually helps them during a mission at NowGex Labs, and asks to join the team. Kimberly agrees, despite rumblings in the team, seeing his power as an important asset to them.

Chris seems to have a thing for Tasha, although he has hit on the other girls on the team. However, he ultimately proves to be untrustworthy and betrays the team.






Jake Shaw


FBI Agent, Jake Shaw, infiltrated the team by working undercover as an executive at Grant Enterprises. He developed feelings for Kimberly after the death of her son, Matthew. When she learns of his deception, she ends their relationship, though they both still care about each other.

When the team is recruited by the government, Jake becomes their commanding officer. He earns their trust and respect. He becomes friends with the entire team and comes to care for them as Kimberly does. He also gives Damien a chance and allows him to join Operation: Mega Force.