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An unknown adversary targets the loved ones of the team. A deceased team member returns but from an alternate timeline with a different history.


Episode 601: MORTALITY

Episode 602: OUTBREAK

Episode 603: GONE

Episode 604: FAMILY CRISIS Pt.1

Episode 605: FAMILY CRISIS Pt.2

Episode 606: FAMILY CRISIS Pt.3

Episode 607: FAMILY CRISIS Pt.4

Episode 608: MISSING

Episode 609: LEFT FOR RIGHT

Episode 610: MOTIVES

Episode 611: WANTED

Episode 612: SUSPENDED

Episode 613: THE CANDIDATE

Episode 614: ALLEGIENCE

Episode 615: THE NEXT PHASE

Episode 616: ENCOUNTERS

Episode 617: THE ASSEMBLY


Episode 619: IN TOO DEEP

Episode 620: TICK TOCK

Episode 621: PANIC

Episode 622: END GAME (Series Finale)







Episode 601 - MORTALITY (Season Premiere)

As authorities and the team rummage through the wreckage of the Aramis Tower in search of Steve and Brandon, they find movement. A seriously injured Brandon pushes out from under the rubble. He is carrying Steve, who does not look well.

At the hospital, Steve goes into emergency surgery. Meanwhile, the news reports on Aramis’s androids and their destruction. The team’s involvement is not divulged.

Doctors tell the team that there is nothing they can do for Steve, except make him comfortable. Julie is devastated and rushes to his side. They have a tearful reunion. He tells her he knows about the baby. She tells him he’ll be fine, he says he doesn’t have to be a telepath to know she’s lying. He tells her he loves her and to take care of their baby. He says he has no regrets. Brandon comes into the room. Julie steps out for a moment when the emotion is just too much for her. Brandon tells Steve he saved his life. Steve tells Brandon to take care of Julie and the baby. Brandon promises he will.

Julie has the team in contact with everyone they know in search of a healer like Dr. Covington (305). Their search is futile.

Damien is very frustrated by it all, and has a surprisingly difficult time dealing with this. He goes out drinking. Page goes with him. She is a wreck. They all find out about the baby.

Julie returns to Steve and she and Brandon stay with him until the end. They come out to the rest of the team and they all hug and cry. Billy Quinn shows up. Julie tells him to go back in time and prevent this. He says he can’t. She is very angry with him. He leaves, but assures her that this is not the end. She is too distraught to even comprehend his cryptic words.

Emma comes back for Steve’s funeral and decides to stay with Julie for a while.

Tasha decides that this is her real family and she decides to return to the team.

Brandon is starting to feel the weight of the uncertainty of their future. He also begins to feel responsible for the team. Things are also awkward between him and Page since she confessed her love (522).




Episode # 602 - OUTBREAK

The entire team is still mourning Steve’s death. Tasha avoids being alone because she really wants to drink. Brandon, on the other hand, spends a lot of time alone. He hangs around Steve’s grave a lot.

Julie goes to see Deanna for a check-up. Deanna says that everything is fine with her and the baby, but advises her to be very careful and take it easy.

When a case comes their way, they all decide to throw themselves into their work. The team investigates a strange mental disease outbreak in a small community in the suburbs. The mental ward at the local hospital is full and more people are becoming ill everyday. Julie insists on joining them on this mission even though Brandon and Deanna advise her against it.

It turns out that a tainted woman, Paula Ross, has been roaming around and absorbing people’s mental health. When the team discovers this, they track her down and prevent her from doing it again. Julie links with Paula telepathically. Without the stolen mentalities, Paula falls into a catatonic state and is left in the hospital.

During the investigation, Tasha runs into Larry Washington (314). Tasha never knew that he was a cop. He works with them on the case. Later, they go out to dinner to catch up. Tasha tells him about Steve.

Brandon confronts Page about the awkwardness between them. He says Steve’s death has made him realize just how precious every moment is and he wants them to be friends. Page agrees.

At the end of the episode, Julie collapses and falls down a flight of stairs.





Episode # 603 - GONE

Brandon finds Julie unconscious and calls 911. Deanna meets them at the hospital. It turns out Julie had a massive stroke, a result of her telepathic link with the unstable mind of Paula Ross (602). When Julie wakes up, she discovers that she lost the baby. It is devastating to her. She also loses her telepathic abilities, leaving her with only her telekinetic abilities intact. Emma stays at her sister’s bedside the whole time.

When Larry hears about what happened, he shows up at the hospital. Tasha is very distraught over the situation. He comforts her and they kiss.

In the hospital, the team sees that Blake Robinson has won the primary and is running for President. He seems to be a frontrunner for the White House. His platform involves tainted integration and acceptance and to decrease military spending.

With every thing that is going on, Damien starts to think about what’s left of his old gang. Particularly, Eddie, the man he changed using the GAD (102). He investigates into Eddie Post’s whereabouts. When he does find him, he discovers Eddie is a norm, thanks to a reversal procedure by NowGex. They bump into each other. Eddie has no memory of his time in Damien’s criminal gang. Damien feels better that the damage he did to this innocent man has been undone.





Episode #604 - FAMILY CRISIS: Part 1

Captain Garcia meets with Brandon. He tells him that his aunt and uncle in New Jersey have been brutally murdered and it is clearly a tainted crime. Brandon is floored by the news. Garcia says he has arranged for him to take a leave of absence and fly out there. He has also spoken to Commissioner Klein and says Brandon will be allowed to work on the case with the local police department there. Brandon tells the team. Julie is especially devastated and wants to go with him. He refuses. He asks the rest of the team to look after her while he’s gone.

Brandon helps the local police and is surprised to find Lilah there. She tells him she came as soon as she heard. They are all baffled by the murders. Brandon’s aunt and uncle had no enemies, and there is no sign of forced entry. It appears that they were badly beaten before having their internal organs incinerated. Brandon tells Lilah he’s glad she’s there.

Brandon tells Tasha to compile a list of possible suspects. Tasha gets to work on her computer going through the database of all the known tainted people.

Meanwhile, Emma tries to cheer Julie up, but Julie is still struggling with her lack of telepathy and the loss of the baby, in addition to Brandon’s aunt and uncle.

Page and Damien investigate a tainted drug dealer. During the stake-out, they discuss Brandon and Julie. Page tells Damien she really wants to be there for Brandon right now. He tells her he knows that, but sometimes people need to deal with stuff on their own.

Leah Parker reports on a robbery from a NowGex facility. Julie and Emma watch the report on the news.





Episode # 605 - FAMILY CRISIS: Part 2

Julie is feeling better and Emma leaves to return to Deanna’s ranch. Page gets a call from her brother. Their father has been attacked and is in the ICU. They immediately realize that someone is going after their families. Julie immediately thinks of Emma. She calls Emma on her cell, but Emma’s phone is not getting a signal on the freeway to the ranch. Julie calls in an APB on Emma’s car and rushes after her. Tasha calls Deanna to warn her.

On the road, someone tries to run Emma off the road. She almost crashes when the car keeps bumping into her. Suddenly, the other car flips over and rolls down the hill. Julie and a few police cars have Emma pull over. Julie hugs Emma. They rush down the hill to see who is behind these attacks. When they get to the car, there is nobody inside.

Page goes to New York with Damien. She has the chance to talk to her dad. He tells her that he never stopped loving her. She asks him who did this, he says someone was in the house. He never saw who it was. He dies. Page is devastated. Her brother now blames her for their father’s murder. He tells her not to come to the funeral. Page promises her brother that they will find who did this before leaving. Damien tries to comfort Page and helps her deal with this.

The entire team, including Emma and Lilah, attends the funeral of Brandon’s aunt and uncle.

After the funeral, the team discusses who could possibly be behind the attacks. It has to be someone who knows them. Since there was no sign of forced entry at any of the attack sites, the culprit must be either a teleporter, shapeshifter, or someone capable of becoming incorporeal. They go down a list of suspects, Priscilla “Phase” Reed, Brooke “Portal” O’Neil, Ian “Stalker” Wolf, or Bart “Animator” De Nova. Julie wishes she had her telepathy to help them. Tasha says they will solve this without telepathy. Julie insists that Emma stay with her until the case is solved.

In the end, we see Leah Parker reporting on the disappearance of a retired VioTech scientist. Someone is watching the report, but we don’t know who it is.





Episode #606 - FAMILY CRISIS: Part 3

The team splits up to find the suspects at large. Brandon, Page, and Lilah go after Portal in New York. Julie, Damien, and Tasha go to check on the suspects in prison. Emma tells Julie she wants to go home. She assures her she will be fine. Jake is in charge of security at Deanna’s ranch and Deanna is aware of the current situation. Julie reluctantly agrees and drives her to the ranch.

Brandon, Page, and Lilah search for Brooke “Portal” O’Neil all over New York. They question people who know her and visit all her old haunts but she is gone. People say she left town nearly a month ago and they haven’t heard form her since.

Meanwhile, Damien, Julie, and Tasha go to the maximum-security prison where Bart and Ian are serving their sentences. Both are still in their cells. According to Warden Joel Mitchell, they have been in their cells since the day they were sentenced and they haven’t had any visitors. Still, they question Ian and Bart. They both have no idea what is happening on the outside. They also ask them if they know anyone with the power of heat or fire. They both answer no. After they leave, Warden Mitchell dials a number and tells someone they were there and are clueless.

Julie is again frustrated without her telepathy. Brandon and Page return from New York. Lilah stays behind to keep track of any suspicious activity in the area.

Meanwhile, in a sub-basement under an old factory, we see scientists and technicians working on a large machine. It is not clear what the machine is or does.





Episode # 607 - FAMILY CRISIS: Part 4

Leah Parker enters her apartment. When she turns around she sees Brooke “Portal” O’Neil waiting for her. Brooke is very cryptic as she circles Leah. She opens up a large dimensional portal in the middle of the apartment. The vortex is huge, sucking in everything in the room. Leah holds on to the door. It flies open. She tries to pull herself out into the hallway. A neighbor sees this and calls the police.

Damien and Tasha recognize the address and respond. When they show up, it is too late. Rachel is gone, but they do see Brooke and follow her. She goes into a rundown old shop and goes back into the storeroom. They follow as discretely as they can and peek through an air duct. They see her meet with Ian, Bart, and a large crowd of tainted criminals. They mention The Assembly and talk about The Coming. They say the plan is working perfectly. They are discovered and the entire crowd goes after them. Tasha creates a large fire between them and she and Damien escape.

Meanwhile, Brandon, Page, and Julie try to figure out who is behind the murders. Who would even know where to find Brandon’s family or Page’s for that matter?

Damien and Tasha return and tell them about Rachel and Portal. Now they know that she is a part of this. They also tell them about the large crowd of tainted villains, The Coming, and The Assembly.

The team returns in full force with LAPD back-up, but the old store is deserted. Page notices someone looking on from a nearby rooftop. She gets to him and puts him under her spell. He tells them the murders were just a way to distract them from The Coming. He admits he does not know what The Coming is. He also tells them that The Assembly has brought them together and they are running things. Again, he does not know who The Assembly is or how to reach them.

Brandon and Page are devastated that the murders were meaningless distractions. The man is arrested, and later is killed in prison. Damien points out that they don’t know anything about The Assembly and whatever The Coming is, it must be big.




Episode # 608 - MISSING

Tasha and Page return to the prison to see Bart and Ian. They are still in their cells. Page uses her powers to question a few of the guards. On their way out, Warden Mitchell (606) confronts them and asks if he can be of any help to them. Tasha is about to tell him about seeing Ian and Bart on the outside, but Page stops her. She puts the warden under her spell. They discover that he works for The Assembly, but again he doesn’t know much. However, he admits to releasing the criminals and replacing them with clones. Other Assembly operatives barge in on the interrogation. Page quickly puts them under her spell. Damien comes in with back-up and they are all arrested. They question the operatives, but the only person they answer to is Warden Mitchell. Mitchell’s superior is man he knows only as “Vince”. He says that he can’t reach Vince, Vince calls him.

Brandon and Julie look into the kidnapping of a geneticist and former NowGex employee. Like the attacks on Brandon and Page’s family, there is no sign of forced entry. Nothing was taken from the residence. Leah Parker reports on the kidnapping. She discusses the case with them afterwards. She tells them that she believes this is connected to several other kidnappings and robberies in the past few weeks. Brandon and Julie go back to the office and look up the various cases on the LAPD mainframe.

In New York, Valerie Carter (512) walks into a bar. Many of the people inside are tainted and a big fight breaks out. She easily defeats them and grabs Greg Hall. It is clear that they know each other. She knocks him out and takes him away. He wakes up on a rooftop, tied up. From their talk, we learn that he helped Valerie form her gang, only to disappear when Damien took over. She has been searching for him for years. We learn that he works for The Assembly, which sponsored her crime ring. She wants to find them.





Episode # 609 - LEFT FOR RIGHT

Damien gets a phone call from Valerie (512). She asks him to meet her in an old parking lot downtown. She tells him to come alone and not to tell anyone. Damien is thrilled to hear from her and is optimistic that she can turn from her criminal ways. Damien shows up. Valerie quickly gets into the car. He is happy to see her, but she seems paranoid and doesn’t have time to exchange pleasantries with him.

The next day, Page stops by Damien’s place, but he is not home. Later, Captain Garcia shows Brandon and the team a videotape of Damien and Valerie killing Craig Belucci, an off duty police officer. Garcia is furious and wants Damien in custody. He orders Brandon’s team to get on it. Brandon is floored by the footage. Page tries desperately to reach Damien, but is unable to track him down.

Brandon visits Steve’s grave asking what he would do. Julie shows up. Brandon discusses the situation with Julie. She advises him to follow his heart. Brandon says there must be more going on than what they know. He doesn’t believe that Damien has turned.

Tasha and Larry discuss the situation with Damien over dinner. He tells her that if she knows anything about his whereabouts, it is her duty to report it. She assures him that Damien had not contacted her or anyone since he disappeared. Larry changes the subject and talks about politics. He is a supporter of Robinson; she tells him she has not really been following it.





Episode # 610 - MOTIVES

Tasha keeps watching the footage of Belucci’s murder over and over trying to find something that would explain what was happening. There is no audio, but after she zooms in and enhances the image, we can see Belucci clearly say Carl Burns.

Damien and Valerie are hiding out in a motel. He is furious at her for killing Belucci and dragging him into this mess. He tells her she said they were only going to question Belucci about The Assembly. She tells him it was clear that he didn’t know anything they didn’t. He insists she tell him what is going on. She tells him they are going after The Assembly. She tells him The Assembly helped her start her criminal empire in New York. He wants to bring the team in on it. She refuses and says he still doesn’t get it. The LAPD can’t be trusted. The Assembly has agents everywhere. She says the only way to destroy the organization is from within. He asks what is next. She says they are going to get The Assembly’s attention… and find Carl Burns.

Meanwhile, the team is still in chaos. Brandon meets with his superiors, who believe that Brandon is hiding Damien’s whereabouts. Page and Julie enlist Leah Parker’s help in locating Damien and Valerie. They show up at the motel room, but Damien and Valerie are long gone.

Brandon and Tasha, meanwhile, are baffled by a robbery at a local computer company. A computer chip is stolen, but according to Tasha it is useless without other components that were left behind. They end up catching the robber. He makes a vague reference to The Assembly and The Coming. Before he says anything else, he is shot and killed. They look around for the shooter, but find nobody.

Later, Brandon confides in Julie that he feels the team is falling apart and wishes Steve were here. Julie assures him he is doing fine and says she misses Steve, too. In the background there is a presidential debate on television between Blake Robinson and the current president.

Later in the sub-basement under the old factory, we see Ted Horton getting off the phone. He looks out the window in his office at the large machine and the scientists and technicians working on it. He dials a number and says they lost a part. The voice on the line says they will find another source.





Episode # 611 - WANTED

Brandon faces increasing pressure from his superiors to find Damien and Valerie. They suspect him of protecting Damien, which he denies.

Blake Robinson’s campaign is in full swing. America loves him.

Page tells Tasha she is worried about Damien. Tasha thinks he may have been seduced back to his old ways and reminds Page what happened the last time Valerie showed up (512-513). Page refuses to believe that. She asks how Tasha is doing. Tasha admits she is really fighting the urge to drink. Page tries all their contacts to find Damien and Valerie. She is very frustrated. Tasha has been trying to track down his cell phone signal, but says he must have it off.

Meanwhile, the entire LAPD is out looking for them, and he is being described as a rogue cop, armed and dangerous, wanted for the murder of a fellow officer.

Damien and Valerie find Carl Burns, who is wanted by The Assembly. They found out about him from Belucci before Valerie killed him. Burns failed The Assembly in a crucial mission and the punishment for failure is death. Damien and Val question him. He gives them a few more clues about The Coming. The Assembly’s agents find them together. A fight breaks out. Damien and Val survive, but Carl is mortally wounded. He gives them one final clue about The Coming before dying. The police are heard and Damien and Val quickly flee.

Tasha goes out to dinner with Larry. They discuss the situation with Damien. Larry is convinced he is guilty and he pressures her to turn him in. She says she knows, but they can’t find him.

Valerie and Damien are seen by a police officer. A car chase ensues. They get away when Valerie blocks off the street behind them with a force field.

Julie meets with Leah Parker. They both vent about what is happening. Julie talks about The Assembly and The Coming and Leah talks about the various robberies and scientist abductions. Leah says she will look into anything on The Assembly. After she leaves, Julie starts to wonder if the Leah’s stories are somehow part of The Assembly’s plan.

Damien and Valerie try to get information about The Coming from another Assembly stooge. He knows nothing. Valerie puts a tracking device on him and lets him go.

They follow him to his superior, Vince Manetta. They barge in on the secret meeting and kill the stooge. Henchmen attack Damien and Valerie, but to no avail. Vince is impressed with their abilities. Valerie tells him to shove it and to send a message to his superiors that Damien and Valerie are back.

Later, Damien and Valerie discuss the plan. He has doubts about her plan. Valerie assures him it is necessary if they want to join The Assembly. Damien wants to bring the team in on this. Valerie says it is impossible. She tells him she sent the LAPD footage of Belucci’s murder. They are both wanted by the police now. Damien is furious. She tells him they have to convince The Assembly they are worthy to be brought into their operation.





Episode # 612 - SUSPENDED

We see Vince Manetta (605) talking on the phone with someone. He says that Burns was taken care of, but that Damien and Val are still a threat. Manetta calls on the Assembly’s vast membership to find and bring in Damien and Valerie.

There is a break-in at NowGex. Brandon and Page investigate. There is a subtle awkwardness between them. They arrive on the scene to find everyone in a state of suspended animation. They discover that the intruder is still somewhere in the complex. When they encounter him, he shoots Brandon with a temporal disruptor leaving Brandon suspended. He gets away with something, but we don’t see what it is yet. Tasha works on a way to reverse the effect and comes up with a way to reanimate the victims. The process, however, creates a chemical imbalance in Brandon that he does not realize yet…





Episode # 613 - THE CANDIDATE

Blake Robinson exposes every little secret of the current administration. He rallies a great deal of support around the nation. He is FOR tainted integration and is embraced by society.

Emma returns to school and her studies at Deanna’s ranch.

After questioning some more Assembly operatives, Damien and Valerie discover that he is actually working for The Assembly, part of their plan to get into the White House. They believe this is The Coming they have been hearing about. Damien and Valerie watch him on TV. Valerie is concerned that Robinson is ahead in the poles. She tells Damien, they have to take him out. During a campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles, Damien and Valerie attempt to take him out. The team is among the police force there for security. It is the first time they have seen Damien since he disappeared (602). He is cornered by Brandon and Page. He tells them the plan:

He tells them that Craig Belucci was a dirty cop who was working for a group known as The Assembly. They are a group of tainted criminals that control tainted crime around the world. He tells them many of the random tainted criminals they have faced were working for The Assembly. He and Valerie are trying to infiltrate them by being recruited into their operation. He also says that if the entire team was in on this, The Assembly would know. Belucci’s murder was the first step in getting their attention. The goal is to find out who and where The Assembly is and to take them out. If they succeed, there won’t be any more organized tainted crime. They won’t have to keep fighting. The world will be a safer place. He asks them if they’ve heard of The Coming. Brandon says he has heard of it (603). He tells them Robinson is a mole, an agent of The Assembly. He asks them to trust him. They allow him to escape with Valerie.

In the end, Damien and Valerie are taken by The Assembly.





Episode # 614 - ALLEGIENCE

Brandon and Page tell the team what Damien told them. The attack on Blake Robinson is widely publicized. He gains even more support for being so forgiving, calling the attackers lost and misguided. He says such people can be rehabilitated.

Valerie and Damien are brought before Vince Manetta. He tells them The Assembly is impressed with them. The Assembly would like them in the organization and has a mission for them. Bring in the woman known as Portal (305). They demand to know what is going on and want to speak with The Assembly directly. Vince admits even he has never dealt with them directly. Damien and Val both know Portal and head to New York.

Meanwhile, Captain Garcia is furious with the team for letting Damien get away. He yells at them all. Brandon resigns. The entire team follows. Garcia is outraged and says that they are not the only tainted people in town; they are all replaceable.

Tasha tells Larry what she knows about Damien. Larry dismisses it as lies and says if she sees him, she has to call the police. He reminds her that Damien killed her brother (101). Tasha goes home and starts drinking again, as she tries to decide what the right thing to do is.





Episode # 615 - THE NEXT PHASE

It’s Brandon’s birthday and his reanimation (607) has triggered new dormant powers. Powers that threaten to kill him unless he learns to control them. He starts having seizures as his new ability of super speed spasms out of control. He has a heart attack. Tasha feels terrible and blames herself. She works with Deanna on a way to stabilize him. Brandon meanwhile, thinks his number’s up. Julie convinces him to fight it. Page stays by him as well. They both sense the electricity between them even though they don’t discuss it. Deanna puts him on muscle-relaxers as she comes up with a solution. She finds a way to stabilize him, but says he will now have to train to master his new abilities.

Damien and Val visit all their old haunts in New York as they search for Portal. They remember the old days (flashbacks). They find her. She tries to escape, but Val drugs her and they bring her to Vince. Vince hands her over to someone else and she is taken away. He says they’ll be in touch. Damien and Val let him go and try to follow the man who took Portal. While stopped at a light, they are both drugged and abducted.

Tasha tells Julie that she told Larry about Damien, but he didn’t believe her. Julie is upset by this saying she could have put him in jeopardy.





Episode # 616 - ENCOUNTERS

Damien and Valerie have black hoods over their heads as they are brought before Silas Bourne, a high ranking member of The Assembly’s Criminal Empire. The hoods are removed. Silas calls them meddlesome. However, he applauds their initiative and courage. He has them blindfolded and says they will be brought before The Assembly.

Brandon starts training with Deanna and Tasha. He now has super speed and the ability to jump extremely high.

Page and Julie try to find a way to expose Blake Robinson. Page tells her she can do it, if Julie can get her in a room with him. They go to the hotel where he is staying. Julie uses her telekinesis to get them past security. Page gets to him and puts him under her spell. She has him make a speech revealing his true motives and bowing out of the race for President.

Immediately, Assembly agents come after them. Julie and Page barely escape, but they have succeeded in thwarting The Coming… or so they think.

Leah Parker comes to the team when a college professor is reported missing. His area of expertise is quantum physics. Tasha tries to connect this to the previous robberies they’ve investigated. Leah asks about Damien. Tasha says they haven’t heard from him since the fundraiser (608).





Episode # 617 - THE ASSEMBLY

Damien and Valerie are brought before The Assembly, small group of extremely powerful Tainted Crime Lords set on ruling the world. They were the ones who convinced Veil to turn on Damien. They also supported Valerie and other tainted criminals throughout the world. It was for them that Paralysis had Tasha attack Washington DC. They are the reason behind it all. They tell Damien and Valerie about Blake Robinson’s withdrawal from the race. They want Damien and Valerie to personally kill the team. Valerie mentions that they stopped The Coming. One of The Assembly members says that, though it is a setback, The Coming is proceeding as planned.

Tasha theorizes that it seems like The Assembly is trying to create a tear in the space-time continuum. Julie elaborates and says open a portal. Tasha points out all of the stolen objects are components used in the VioTech device. They all immediately think of The Destroyer (219). Brandon says they have to find out where they are building this device and why.

We see scientists working on the device in an underground lab. The Assembly enters and is briefed on the progress by one of the scientists.

Damien and Valerie attack the team with some of the henchmen. Brandon knows it is part of the plan and plays along. They seriously fight, holding nothing back. When cops arrive, Valerie kills them. When more police are heard approaching, Damien and Valerie flee.

The team tells the police that they would not have believed it had they not seen it with their own eyes. All the law enforcement agencies are now searching for Damien and Valerie. Meanwhile, Damien and Valerie return to The Assembly. They are not pleased with this failure, but are convinced of where their loyalties lie. They are officially and permanently brought into The Assembly’s Criminal organization.






Valerie kills the entire Assembly and takes over the organization. Damien is shocked at this betrayal and how she used him. She tells him, it is not about crime, it is about taking care of their own. He does not buy it. She says things will be different now that she controls everything. She orders them to tell her what The Coming is.

Steve returns, or does he? He is either evil or good, from another dimension where Julie died. He will play a pivotal role in the battle against the destroyer. But can he be trusted?





Episode #619 - IN TOO DEEP

The team investigates the Assembly. An ally dies before relaying some key information to the team. Also, various scientists, devices, and parts are being stolen around the world. It is part of a master plan to bring back The Destroyer… but the team doesn’t know this yet.

Julie and Brandon deal with the new Steve.





Episode # 620 - TICK TOCK

As the team researches the string of robberies and kidnappings, they discover the Assembly’s true goal. Now it’s a race against the clock to find and dismantle the dimensional gateway before The Destroyer returns to our dimension.





Episode #621 - PANIC

The team ultimately fails and HE’S BACK. The Destroyer is back. He agrees to join with the Assembly as they will facilitate his global reach in world domination.

Tasha tries to dig up any information she can on The Destroyer.

The US Government puts pressure on the alliance, which is working covertly. Other nations are rallying their military forces.

The team faces their own fears and doubts. Last time they faced the Destroyer, it took a global alliance; they lost loved ones, Steve was crippled, and Page was lost in a different dimension. Omega was the only reason any of them survived. Can they defeat him this time?





Episode # 622: END GAME (Series Finale)

The team finds a way to defeat The Destroyer once and for all. After an epic showdown, he is defeated.

The world has finally excepted the Tainted as even television shows now have tainted characters. With the Assembly gone, they decide to retire. Some of them take on jobs at Deanna’s Reynolds Academy.

Brandon proposes to Page, she accepts. Tasha goes to work for a software giant. Julie and Steve explore a possible relationship. Valerie realizes the error of her ways and turns herself in to the authorities, supported by Damien.