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In Season One, the team (Steve, Julie, Brandon, Page, Tasha, and Chris) are vigilantes going on various missions for billionaire, Kimberly Grant. They live in the Grant Gardens Apartment Complex and Steve, Julie, Tasha, and Brandon are in their senior year of college. The main antagonists this season are Damien's tainted criminal gang and NowGex Labs. The world at large is not aware of the existence of the tainted until a sleazy TV tabloid reporter breaks the story. The team hides their powers from their peers. Page learns to control her powers, Chris joins the team, only to later betray them to the authorities. Steve and Julie break up when he cheats on her, Julie suffers from headaches and starts taking painkillers and Brandon goes on trial for murder. The team’s nemesis, Damien, is betrayed by his gang, and seeks refuge with Page, who hides him from the team. In the finale, Damien helps the team escape from the authorities.


Episodes 101: PILOT

Episode 102: REVELATIONS

Episode 103: THE OTHER ME

Episode 104: THE CULT


Episode 106: IN THE SHADOWS

Episode 107: GRAVEMASTER

Episode 108: CHAOS

Episode 109: EXPOSED

Episode 110: SACRIFICE

Episode 111: BUSTED

Episode 112: THE TRIAL

Episode 113: THE ANIMORS


Episode 115: CLOSER STILL

Episode 116: REUNION

Episode 117: WHITE SLIME


Episode 119: CONSPIRACY

Episode 120: BETRAYAL

Episodes 121-122: GRADUATION




Episode 101 – "PILOT" (Series Premiere)

The team, consisting of Steve, Julie, Brandon, and Tasha try to save Dr. Andrews and stop Damien from using his invention, the GAD (Genetic Altering Device) to mutate Norms into Tainted people.

When they stumble upon Damien, and his gang stealing the GAD and kidnapping Dr. Andrews, Tasha and her brother, Johnny, confront him. Johnny dies and Damien escapes with both Dr. Andrews and the GAD. Tasha, overwhelmed with grief, starts drinking again.

Page leaves Damien and his gang. Veil, Damien's second in command, convinces him that Page must die. Damien tests the GAD on a couple of innocent people, before successfully tainting the third.

Brandon and Page meet and go on a date, but by the end of the night Brandon has fallen under her spell. The night is cut short when Veil and Tank find her. Meanwhile, Kimberly Grant gets news from her informant that Page was a member of Damien's gang. Steve and Julie arrive just in time to help Brandon and Page escape from Veil.

With Page's help, they find Damien and the GAD. The device is destroyed, but Damien and his gang get away. Dr. Andrews is killed, but not before warning Steve that "THEY" know about him and will be coming for him.

Kimberly invites Page to join them and offers to help her control her powers. Page agrees, but her insecurity causes her to break up with Brandon.

In the end, we discover that Chris Li, has been spying on the team, while invisible.





Episode 102 - "REVELATIONS"

Steve and Julie go to a new club in town and see Mariah Campbell perform. Later, Mariah is attacked by agents from NowGex, a genetics lab. Back at Grant Gardens, agents show up for Steve as well. Steve and Julie help Mariah escape and discover that she is tainted, with the ability to create and transform into fog. Steve convinces Mariah to join him on a little trip to NowGex Labs.

He discovers that NowGex artificially tainted him and Mariah when they were infants. They also find other tainted victims, held at the facility. They are discovered and NowGex Director, Dr. Leonard Prescott, sends agents after them. They escape and call the team. All the while, Mariah continues to make advances toward Steve. They share one kiss.

Chris moves in to Grant Gardens and goes out to dinner with Tasha. He spies on the team and follows them to NowGex, where he helps them free the prisoners and escape. Tasha is furious with him for spying on them.

Page is haunted by nightmares from her past and starts training with Deanna. She and Brandon feel awkward together.

Reporter Leah Parker and her cameraman, Ty Jackson, see Mariah's show. She follows Steve and Mariah to NowGex. She interviews Prescott and witnesses the team using their powers. After the encounter, Julie knocks them out to bring them to Kimberly.

In the end, Steve pushes Julie away and sleeps with Mariah.





Episode 103 - "THE OTHER ME"

Damien kidnaps Page and has her cloned. Her clone is later sent back to the team. She starts to come on to Brandon, who is pleasantly surprised by her new behavior. When the clone leads the team into a few traps, Julie discovers the deception and they find and rescue Page, who ends up killing her own clone. Page is disappointed that Brandon couldn't tell the clone from the real her.

When Damien refuses to kill the real Page, Veil begins to doubt his ability to lead them.

Chris meets with Kimberly and officially joins the team, despite their protests. Kimberly also convinces Leah to keep the existence of the tainted a secret.

Steve and Julie's relationship is strained when he avoids her, fearing she will sense his guilt over sleeping with Mariah, who he cannot help but think about.

Tasha befriends Leah's new cameraman, Ty Jackson, at an AA meeting. They agree to be each other's sponsors.





Episode 104 - "THE CULT"

Ty's sister, Shayna, has disappeared during a weekend seminar with a new guru named Hector. Hector's followers, the Foundation for Genetic Purity (FGP), consider the tainted a disease infesting humanity. They find out that Shayna is tainted. Tasha and Julie go undercover with Chris and discover that the cult has killed several tainted people in ritualistic ceremonies and buried them in the desert. They find and rescue Shayna.

Kimberly calls her cop friend, Detective Frank Ramsey, who arrives on the scene and arrests the culprits.

Tasha and Chris argue about anything and everything. She still feels betrayed by him.

Page continues training with Deanna. She also starts talking about all the crimes she committed with Damien (flashbacks).

At the end of the episode, Julie is called to help Kimberly and Deanna with a secret project at The Grant Medical Center. Meanwhile, Steve goes back to the club to see Mariah perform.





Episode 105 - "PARTY CRASHERS"

Tainted terrorists (Bruce "Bane" Mancini, Carla "Creeper" Meyers, Eric "Eyes" Gellar, and Hank "Brawn" Brown) take a high society party hostage. Kimberly is among those inside. The team must rescue her without being detected by the police. Detective Ramsey tries to cover for them, which lands him on shaky ground with his boss. Among those at the party is new Grant Enterprises Executive, Jake Shaw.

Julie and Steve break up when she sees him with Mariah. She is comforted by Brandon, who is still waiting for Page to get over her insecurities.

Page continues training with Deanna, who tells her that her powers can be manipulated and controlled. Page admits her feelings for Brandon to Deanna.

Chris and Tasha kiss during an argument.

Damien is training some new recruits. He sees the hostage situation on TV and tells Veil to bring him these terrorists. He likes them, they show initiative.

The team frees the hostages, but thanks to Veil, the terrorists escape. They meet with Damien, but refuse his invitation to join him.





Episode 106 - "IN THE SHADOWS"

The team encounters Edmund Weiss, aka SHADOW SLAYER, a man with the ability to transform into nothing more than a shadow. With the ability to hurt people by attacking their shadows, he lashes out at the team and their friends. Of course, he does this at Damien's request.

When Kimberly ends up in the hospital, the team turns to her informant, Max, for information. The team devises a way to defeat him. They lure him into a trap and fight him. When he takes shadow form, they blast a bright light on the shadow. He returns to human form, and then disintegrates. Tank, a member of Damien's gang (101), sees this and reports back to Damien. He and Veil are furious.

Julie is spending a lot of time on Kimberly and Deanna's secret project. When she learns of the villain's demise, she confronts the team, calling what they did murder.

Leah is confronted by various stories related to tainted people. She tries her best to discredit or dismiss them.

Chris and Page clash, while Brandon and Julie, and Steve and Page spend more time together. Chris and Tasha sneak around, making out.





Episode 107 - "GRAVEMASTER"

The dead rise and begin burglarizing their own families and friends. Among those that rise is Johnny, Tasha's brother. Howard Welling a.k.a. "The Gravemaster" controls them. He is an insane gravedigger at a local cemetery. The team must find and stop him. He ends up killing himself, or so they think.

The media now has footage of the zombies, who many believe to be people in costume. One reporter, Tony Manners, is bent on exposing the existence of the tainted, and Leah encounters him while covering the story.

Traumatized by facing her dead brother, Tasha falls off the wagon, and gets drunk. She ends up sleeping with Chris, who is more than happy to oblige.





Episode 108 - "CHAOS"

NowGex creates a device that magnifies tainted traits. As a result, the team goes out of control. Page is overwhelmed by men, Steve is shocking and short circuiting everything around him, Tasha is setting fires everywhere, Chris is invisible and everything he touches becomes invisible, and Brandon accidentally kills a mugger named Russell Lopez in self defense. Julie is overwhelmed by the thoughts of everyone within range and almost goes mad. She slips into a coma because her synaptic functions are overloaded by her boosted powers. Brandon never leaves her side and discovers just how much he really cares for her. Deanna tries to help the team. The device also affects Damien and his gang.

Kimberly and Leah break into NowGex to disable the device.

Tasha is furious at Chris and herself for what happened between them (107).

In the end, Tony Manners blows the lid off the story with footage of tainted people all over the country. The secret is out. Julie wakes up from her coma.

At Grant Medical's underground facility, Deanna calls Kimberly saying Matthew's out. We see a big hole in the wall behind her.





Episode 109 - "EXPOSED"

The TV has been repeating footage of tainted people. The team is very cautious as debates go on at school and on TV regarding what is to be done about the problem.

Steve and Mariah go on a date. Chris and Tasha sneak around, making out. Chris wants to go public about him and Tasha, but she says nothing is going on.

Julie is still occupying her time with Kimberly and Deanna. Brandon begins to avoid Julie, when he starts developing feelings for her. He ends up talking to Tasha about it. When an earthquake hits L.A., Brandon and Julie both use their powers to save lives at school. People begin suspecting them. They both deny it.

Leah does her best damage control, but her boss, Oscar Nolan, is more interested in turning the tainted into real life monsters.

Damien and his gang watch what is happening on TV. He says it is starting. Now he can start rallying the troops.

Kimberly and Deanna try to track down Matthew.





Episode 110 - "SACRIFICE"

The team is called into a meeting with Kimberly and Deanna. The project Julie has been working on has finally been revealed. Kimberly has a son, Matthew. He was born with his tainted powers fully active, which drove him insane. As an infant, he was the one that killed Kimberly's husband. It was the reason Kimberly took up the cause of helping the tainted. For years they have been trying to help him control his powers. Julie was called in to try to reach him telepathically. Now he has escaped. They have located him and must capture him.

Matthew, meanwhile, is roaming the streets of LA. He is responsible for a few more deaths. The team finds him and after a skirmish, he escapes. The second time they meet, Kimberly realizes he must be killed and he is, but by his own powers.

Kimberly is deeply traumatized by this. At work, she is comforted by Jake Shaw, who seems to be developing feelings for her.

At the end of the episode, Brandon is arrested for the murder of Russell Lopez (108).





Episode 111 - "BUSTED"

Brandon's past catches up to him when he is charged with the murder of Russell Lopez. Kimberly's lawyers, led by Calvin, counsel him. Brandon is indicted by a grand jury and Calvin prepares for the trial.

Tasha calls Ty when she feels she wants a drink. Chris gets jealous and finds an excuse to pick a fight with him.

Julie's migraines (101) get worse and she asks Deanna for more painkillers. Deanna reluctantly agrees. Julie discovers her feelings for Brandon when she visits him in jail. She also senses his feelings for her. He admits it was why he was avoiding her.

Page is afraid for Brandon. She is convinced that with all the anti-tainted sentiments out there, Brandon will be found guilty. She tells him that maybe he should break out and run. He refuses.

Steve gets drunk with Mariah and uses his powers in public, only to be chased off the streets by an angry mob.

Leah does her best to help Brandon as reporters flock to the news of a tainted murder trial.





Episode 112 - "THE TRIAL"

Brandon's trial begins and everyone is there. He is represented by Calvin and his team. They must address the issue of him being tainted and mention NowGex's device. They are not believed.

The team breaks into NowGex and Page lures an employee out. She uses her powers to make him testify to the existence of the device.

Brandon is found innocent. One of the people in the back of the courtroom is Jake Shaw, from Grant Enterprises. Kimberly thanks him for coming. He invites her to dinner and she accepts.

Julie's migraines continue and she starts taking the painkillers more frequently.

Page walks in on Tasha and Chris making out in the laundry room.

In the end, Julie confesses to Kimberly that the jury was going to find Brandon guilty, and she used her powers on them to make them acquit him.





Episode 113 - "THE ANIMORS"

Dr. Oliver Vierd, a Russian scientist, has been experimenting on animals for years. Now, in Los Angeles, he has successfully merged human DNA into rabid animals creating the Animors.
The half man, half animal creations consisting of a lion, bear, chameleon, and cat are responsible for several deaths around town.

Kimberly calls in the team to investigate. They face off with the animors, who get away the first time. They discover who is behind this and fight the animors at Vierd's base of operations. The animors are killed and Vierd is arrested by Detective Ramsey.

Steve and Mariah break up when he catches her with another guy.

Brandon and Julie start going out. Page is making progress with controlling her powers and gets jealous when she sees Brandon with Julie. Steve and Brandon get into a fight when Steve finds out about him and Julie.

Tasha consoles Chris when he loses millions in a bad investment.





Episode 114 - "ASSOCIATIONS"

Kimberly is now having lunch with Jake on a regular basis. She opens up to him about her personal life, including Matthew. They discuss tainted issues.

Later, we see Jake is in fact an undercover agent for the FBI. He reluctantly turns in the taped conversations he's had with Kimberly, but doesn't want to go through with it. He is ordered to continue by his superior, Agent Paul Garner.

Brandon and Julie go out on a date. Steve and Page share their feelings about Brandon and Julie. They spend more time together and share one kiss.

Damien and his gang now have a great deal of followers. Damien makes a speech to them, telling them how they will take over and rule over the Norms. Veil has her doubts. She tests his resolve by killing a congressman on national television. He is furious with her. She leads a mutiny and Damien flees... to Page's doorstep.

At the end of the episode, Brandon and Julie realize that they are better off as friends. The intimacy they felt was just brought on by the situations they were in.





Episode 115 - "CLOSER STILL"

Tasha and Chris officially tell everyone they are an item only to discover everyone knew. Steve and Page discuss their kiss and agree it was a mistake and will not happen again.

Steve and Julie begin to reconcile their differences. He apologizes and she forgives him, but says that she needs some time to figure things out. She still gets migraines and is taking the painkillers.

Page hides Damien in her apartment when he tells her he is a marked man. He tells her why her powers no longer work on him (101). She asks Deanna about using the technique on Brandon and Steve, but their blood types are different. She also tries to rekindle her relationship with a more than willing Brandon.

Agent Garner yells at Jake and accuses him of withholding information.

Veil and Tank begin intensely training the tainted recruits. Max discovers that Veil has taken over Damien's gang and contacts Kimberly. Veil discovers that Max (107) is Kimberly's snitch and he is killed.

At the end of the episode, Chris is approached by two FBI agents.





Episode 116 - "REUNION"

Brandon discovers that his mother, Karen Roberts, is alive. Originally believed to have died in a car accident with his father, it turns out she murdered his father and has been in prison ever since. Julie knew this and kept it from him all these years. Brandon is upset at her for not telling him.

His mother, consumed with rage, holds Brandon's aunt and uncle hostage, luring him to New Jersey. There they face off. Brandon and Julie save his aunt and uncle. His mother is arrested again. Brandon visits her in prison and tells her she is dead to him.

FBI agents tell Chris that his accountant has been arrested and all his tax records are being audited. He is being investigated.

Page continues to hide Damien and doesn't let the team know. They all hear of Max's death.

In the end, Steve enters Julie's apartment and finds her passed out on the floor.





Episode 117 - "WHITE SLIME"

Julie is in the hospital after overdosing on painkillers. Deanna is treating her. She warns her about how dangerous these narcotics can be.

The team encounters, Elmer White a.k.a. Glue Guy, a doctor whose experiments resulted in him becoming a gooey creature that secretes and shoots out streams of sticky white slime. He lashes out at the employees of the hospital. Steve and Brandon are both distracted, worried about Julie. Tasha and Chris go undercover, discover what happened, and devise a way to stop him. They cause his slime to dry and harden, trapping him in a cuccoon. Detective Ramsey then takes him away.

Julie is released from the hospital. Steve and Brandon do everything they can for her.

The FBI arrests Chris. He is charged with tax evasion and fraud. He tries to strike a deal with them. They tell him about their investigation of the team. If he helps them, they will pardon him.

Damien goes out for a walk at night. He is attacked by a group of tainted villains. He kills all but one. He tells him to take a message back to Veil. If she comes after him again, he will take his time killing her.





Episode 118 - "CONTAMINATION"

NowGex has been disposing of their chemical waste in a lagoon that empties into the Pacific. The team is on a break and goes to the beach. A swimmer is attacked in the water. When lifeguards pull him out, he says it looked like a giant lobsterman. This peaks the team's interest.

They borrow a boat from Kimberly and dive in to search for the creature. More attacks happen. They are led back to the lagoon. The lobster creature attacks them, but Brandon kills it by breaking its exoskeleton. They notice the chemicals dripping out of a sewer pipe and follow it back to another NowGex facility. In the pipe, they are attacked by a giant electric eel. Steve kills it, as its powers will not hurt him.

They later report this to Kimberly who contacts the police and EPA. A delighted Leah Parker reports that NowGex is facing a lawsuit and possible shutdown by authorities.

Chris gives in to temptation when a hot girl on the beach asks him out. Tasha catches them under the pier. They break up. Chris is a jerk to her. She sets his shorts on fire and he runs into the water.

Meanwhile, Agent Garner tells Jake it is almost time to make their move. They have gotten another source of information. Jake is torn. Garner leaves him and returns to a conference room where Chris is telling the agents everything about the team.





Episode 119 - "CONSPIRACY"

Dr. Prescott (102) meets with Agent Garner. He gives him vials of a serum that neutralizes tainted powers. They shake on the deal and enter an office. Agent Garner tells Dr. PreSteve how grateful the government is for NowGex's participation in this project. We also see they are building a new prison facility designed to house tainted criminals.

Jake thinks about coming clean with Kimberly, but a co-worker advises him against it.

Julie asks Deanna for more painkillers. Deanna refuses. She says it is not wise to get back on them so soon after her overdose. She advises Julie to use her powers less, as they put a strain on her nervous system.

Page and Damien discuss his future. He cannot stay there indefinitely. If the team finds out they will kill him. Page and Brandon go on a date. They realize they are being followed, but whoever it was flees before they can find out who it is. They tell the team. Kimberly is very concerned about it and tells them to lay low for awhile.

Steve consoles Tasha as she vents about Chris. Jake decides to resign from Grant Enterprises. Chris continues to report back to the FBI.





Episode 120 - "BETRAYAL"

Chris continues to report everything to the FBI.

Damien tries to rekindle his relationship with Page. She admits to still having feelings for him and thanks him for helping her when she was at a really bad time in her life, but says it can never be like it was.

Brandon discovers Page has been harboring Damien and gets upset. When Tasha finds out she barges in and tries to kill him. Julie and Steve stop her. Tasha walks away, furious with everyone, and calls Ty. They go to an AA meeting.

The team all finishes their finals in anticipation of their graduation.

Veil crashes Tony Manners talk show and kills him on national television. She sends a message to Damien and the team on TV. She plans to attack the graduation ceremony, outing the team, and raising fear and hostility between the norms and the tainted.

At the end of the episode, the team finds that Chris has disappeared and his apartment is empty. They are all alarmed by this.





Episode 121-122 – "GRADUATION" (Parts 1 & 2)" (Season Finale)

The team is getting ready for graduation. Damien's whereabouts are discovered and Veil sends some thugs after him. They ransack Page's apartment, but Damien is gone.

Page and Brandon make up and plan to go out on a date after graduation. Steve and Julie also get back together.

Kimberly and Deanna both attend the graduation ceremony when Veil and the gang crash. The team runs away from the crowd luring the enemy away. One by one they take them down, out of the sight of the students and others.

When the police arrive, Veil attacks them and escapes. It has become a media circus and Leah is pressured to show the tainted as a threat to the norms.

Afterwards, the entire team including Kimberly and Deanna are arrested by the FBI. The team is injected with the serum (120), neutralizing their powers. They discover that Chris talked and all feel betrayed. He says it was him or them. Steve threatens to kill him. Kimberly also discovers that Jake is an agent.

She meets with him and Garner behind closed doors. When she returns to the cell, the team is gone. Black sedans rush out from the FBI complex, lights flashing. We see the team fleeing the scene with Damien in a large black SUV on the freeway. They drive off into the night.