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Season Two opens with the team on the run from the FBI. When they are caught, they discover that Kimberly Grant has negotiated a deal for them. Under the leadership of Jake Shaw, the team (Steve, Julie, Brandon, Page, Tasha, and now Damien) begin working for the government under Operation: Mega Force. Kimberly Grant remains an ally, but becomes relatively hands off. The main antagonists this season are Veil's gang, and NowGex Labs, which has branched out into cybernetics and other technologies such as temporal and dimensional travel. The team also meets many other tainted people and makes new allies. Julie goes to rehab for her painkiller addiction, Damien discovers a secret about his past and undergoes a transformation, Page reconnects with her dying mother, but is rejected by her family and falls into a deep depression, Brandon and Damien clash over Page, Steve struggles with an injury, and Tasha is tormented by visions of her dead brother. In the finale, Kimberly dies and Page is thrown through a portal and lost to an unknown dimension..


Episode 201: CAUGHT

Episode 202: RELATIONS

Episode 203: HOMECOMING

Episode 204: REVERSAL

Episode 205: IN THE TUNNELS

Episode 206: HIGH AND MIGHTY


Episode 208: PROTECTION

Episode 209: QUAKES

Episode 210: INTERVENING

Episode 211: REALITY CHECK

Episode 212: FELONY

Episode 213: THE AGENDA

Episode 214: VIOTECH

Episode 215: SLEEP

Episode 216: PHASED

Episode 217: FOREVER YOUNG

Episode 218: TOUCH OF DEATH

Episode 219: THE THREAT

Episode 220: ENEMY OF MY ENEMY

Episode 221: FUTURES CLASH PT. 1

Episode 222: FUTURES CLASH PT. 2




Episode 201 – CAUGHT

It has been months since the team escaped from the FBI. They are all living together. Tasha has created false IDs for them all, except Damien who does not go out. They have had no contact with Deanna or Kimberly since the escape (122). We see Kimberly using all her resources to try and find them. The FBI is also looking for them. Tasha and Damien don't get along.

They are found and captured again. Damien is captured with them and locked up. This time Jake Shaw talks with them all. He says they are very lucky to have a friend like Kimberly. She has convinced his superiors that they are an asset, so from now on they will work for the US Government under the codename: MEGA FORCE. The team refuses. Jake explains it's either that or prison. He also explains all the benefits. They agree. Damien cops a plea with Jake, he will lead them to Veil's base and help them take down her crime ring. He leads them to their last headquarters but it has been evacuated and rigged with explosives. Damien tries to convince Jake that he is an asset to the team. Page vouches for him, and he reluctantly agrees but on a trial basis.

Jake gives them a tour of the facilities including the Tainted Prison. Inside, they see Chris. Jake has been assigned as head of Operation: Mega Force. He is their commanding officer. He also explains that they must go through both physical training and a written exam. They meet Kimberly there and she tells them that she has agreed to cooperate with the government, using her sources to inform them of any illegal tainted activity. Also, Deanna has been recruited to work with them. Deanna replicates the neutralizing serum for the team to use to apprehend criminals.





Episode 202 - RELATIONS

Damien finds the files on NowGex and sees his name on the list. When he asks about it, he discovers that he, too, was part of the genetic experiments conducted in the early 80's. He goes to Deanna and asks her if she knows how to reverse this. She now has access to new information as the government has been given copies of NowGex's work. With it, Deanna works on a way to reverse the artificial tainting. Steve also begins to consider the possibilities of maybe living a normal life. He discusses it with Julie.

The entire team is trained in traditional hand-to-hand combat as well as the use of their powers. Julie starts taking the painkillers again when she gets a migraine after using her powers. Jake and Brandon clash when Jake pushes him to train harder. Jake tells him that he should be able to do more. He hasn't reached his potential. Tasha is upset with Page for helping Damien get on the team.

Jake tries to repair his relationship with Kimberly, but she says they are only friends.

Agent Garner and Dr. PreSteve have a meeting. They argue when Garner accuses NowGex of withholding information. PreSteve in turn, asks for more money and information regarding the use of their technology. Later that night, Agent Garner is killed.





Episode 203 - HOMECOMING

The team continues training with government personnel and they pass their final tests. They are now ready for field duty. Operation Mega Force severs all ties with NowGex. Jake confronts Dr. PreSteve and is convinced that he is behind Garner's murder. Unfortunately, there is no evidence against him.

Page talks to Julie and Deanna about her family and how estranged they are. Deanna suggests that maybe she should contact them, at least get closure, so she can move on. She calls and discovers her mother is deathly ill. She goes back to New York to see her, alone. She sees her mother, Lily, and finds out that she wanted to see her. Page realizes her father, Sam, kept them apart. While at the hospital, she sees Peter Harris, a former victim from her days with Damien and his gang. He has been in a coma for two years. Page has flashbacks of what she and Damien did to him. Her mother dies. Page talks with her father and brother, Randy, who are still freaked out by her, and tells them that this will be the last time they will see each other. She becomes extremely depressed.

Julie continues taking painkillers and seems to be taking them more frequently. The team goes back to Corner Pocket for the first time in months. Steve and Julie get engaged and tell the others.

Deanna continues to study NowGex's research. Tasha confronts Damien with her feelings about him and her brother. She says they are not friends and if he so much as looks at her the wrong way she will burn him alive without a second thought.





Episode 204 - REVERSAL

Deanna devises a dangerous procedure that should, in theory, reverse the artificial tainting done by NowGex. Damien agrees to go under. He emerges as a normal looking person. He doesn't wake up until the end of the episode. It turns out he was born tainted before the procedure, but he doesn't know what his powers are yet. Damien goes out in the sun for the first time in years.

Page has not reported for work or answered her phone since coming back from her trip home (203). Brandon goes in to see her and finds her in bed, crying in the dark, watching soap operas. He tries to get her to go out, but she refuses. She puts him under her spell to send him away.

Steve and Julie discuss the procedure. If he becomes a norm, he won't be able to be a part of Mega Force. His superiors leave the decision up to him, but warn him that without his participation in Mega Force, he will be subject to prosecution for his vigilante acts. Steve thinks it over. In the end, Steve decides not to go through with the procedure.

Julie takes her pills in front of Tasha and she notices the urgency and shakiness in Julie.






Episode 205 - IN THE TUNNELS

The team investigates a tainted related shooting at a subway station. Underground tainted outcasts (Crystal "Icey" Marx, Daniel "Boulder" Bullock with rocky skin, and Alan "Morpher" Tandy, a gel-like creature, and others) are discovered living in the tunnels. The team helps them find a missing member (Kevin "Aqua" Marx, Icey's little brother). It turns out Kevin was caught stealing food from the newsstand at the subway station. He was arrested, but was shot. Now there is a huge fuss at the hospital as some people want to actually dissect the real life tainted person. With the help of Detective Ramsey, the team finds out where Kevin is. They encounter Dr. Colin PreSteve. He wants to dissect Kevin, and see how his powers work. He argues that it would be a huge breakthrough in the medical community. He also thinks that the results could help them come up with a weapon to stop the tainted. The team sneaks him out of the hospital. They are seen and shot at. Damien discovers his powers when the bullets don't hurt him. Deanna tells him he seems to be indestructible. In the tunnels, Tasha thinks she saw Johnny, but only for a moment. The team contacts Kimberly and she sets up a safehouse for the outcasts.

Tasha goes out with Ty, but must keep her government work a secret. Leah meets the team when she investigates the subway attacks. She also meets Jake. He is upset that they talked to someone from the media. Leah sees Damien with them and is taken aback by this.

Page is still depressed. Damien goes to see her. She is shocked to see him looking like a norm. He talks with her. She tells him he should have killed her. She tells him about the victim she saw at the hospital. Damien tries to dismiss it as something that happened a long time ago, that they have changed since then. Page doesn't want to hear it. Jake pays her a visit. She is a wreck. He tells Deanna. She goes to see her and gives her anti-depressants and encourages her to talk about it.

Julie is taking her pills regularly. Steve and Tasha talk about their concern for Julie and Page.





Episode 206 - HIGH AND MIGHTY

People are killed at a local high school. The team is called in since all the victims were tainted. Steve and Julie go undercover as substitute teachers. They discover that there are a few bullies at school, who are responsible for the murders of tainted students. One of the students, Grant Keller, is the son of NowGex Executive, Donald Keller, and has the neutralizing serum. When he realizes Julie is tainted, he uses the serum on her. He and his friends are about to kill her in a ceremony in the boiler room. Steve finds them and rescues her. Detective Ramsey is then called in and Grant is arrested.

At NowGex, Donald Keller tells Dr. PreSteve what happened. PreSteve assures him that his son will get off and says that these tainted agents must be dealt with.

Again, Tasha thinks she sees Johnny and tells Ty about the sightings.

Brandon and Damien worry about Page, both are in love with her. They both visit her. Kimberly is told and she goes to visit her. Page opens up about what happened to Kimberly and Julie.







Jeff Baxter, a congressman and presidential candidate who is against tainted integration is taken hostage by tainted terrorists, Roger "Weed" Morton, Frank "Snap" Browning, Victoria "Magnetica" Fox, and Heather "Tripper" Rider.

The team goes on a rescue mission. After tracking down their hideout. They face off with the villains. Tripper uses her illusions to hold the team off and they escape. After a second skirmish, the team rescues Baxter. Roger and Frank die.

Page rejoins the team, but isn't on active field duty yet. Tasha begins having nightmares where Johnny is angry with her for working with Damien.

Meanwhile, Jake comes face to face with Veil, when she frees Chris from prison. She nearly kills him, but flees when the team arrives.

Later on TV, Baxter talks about his abduction, but doesn't mention it was tainted operatives who saved him. He portrays the tainted as ticking time bombs.

We later hear Baxter on the phone with someone talking about what happened.





Episode 208 - PROTECTION

Alexander "Zander" Holmes, a witness against a tainted crime ring, testifies and needs protection. Holmes is owner of Zander's bar, a haven for the tainted. The crime ring is run by Veil now. The specific defendant is just a henchman. Tank, Plazma, Eddie, Chris, and new members, Raven "Black Ice" Lawrence, and Rebecca "Paralysis" Gray are all out to kill Holmes. During a fight, Zander runs. He is caught and almost killed, but the team saves him at the last minute. He testifies and the henchman is convicted. Zander then goes into witness protection.

Page rejoins the team in the field. She, too, notices Julie's worsening condition.

With the information from the trial, the authorities plan to raid Veil's new headquarters. Jake argues with other officials insisting that this is a mission for Mega Force. The team goes in and a huge fight ensues. Veil sees Damien for the first time since the procedure and is repulsed that he looks like a norm. The base is destroyed, but Veil and her gang escape.

Again, Tasha thinks she sees Johnny. She goes to an AA meeting at the end.





Episode 209 - QUAKES

A large earthquake hits the city, causing tremendous devastation. Al Martin a.k.a. AfterShock, is behind this. He contacts City Hall and asks for ten million dollars from the government or he will reduce Los Angeles to rubble.

When he causes other quakes, the team uses their powers to save people's lives, only to be chased away by a prejudice mob.

The team tracks the source of his signal and goes to his apartment. They fight him and inject him with the serum. They take him into custody. The people of Los Angeles never find out about him.

Julie begins shaking when her meds wear off. Tasha notices. Tasha is still having nightmares about Johnny. When she wakes up, she sees him in her room. He is flesh and bone and actually talks to her, turning her on Damien.





Episode 210 - INTERVENING

Julie faces an intervention when the team realizes she is addicted to her painkillers. She fights back and feels betrayed. She breaks off the engagement and throws the ring at Steve. At the end, Kimberly, Deanna, and Jake face her. She breaks down and goes into a rehab program. It is difficult for the entire team.

Later, Tasha goes home and finds several messages from Ty. She calls Ty, but doesn't find him. She goes to a liquor store.

Steve goes out alone. Brandon talks with Page about Julie.

Damien is not part of the intervention. He witnesses a crime and beats up the criminals. He then makes an anonymous phone call to the police.






Episode 211 - REALITY CHECK

Julie is in rehab. She refuses to see Steve. She resists opening up and admitting her problem.
All Steve can think about is Julie. He goes out alone and meets Leah. They talk. Leah tells him that Ty is in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Damien tries to win back Page. Brandon catches Page and Damien kissing. He is furious and devastated and storms out. He doesn't see Page slapping Damien afterwards. She tells him they can never be together, not like that. She still has nightmares about what he made her do in the past. He turned her into a criminal and that is not so easily forgotten.

Page tries to explain, but she and Brandon end up fighting.

Tasha visits Ty in the hospital. Later, she sees Johnny in her bedroom again. He hugs her when she agrees to kill Damien.

Tasha tries to kill Damien. It does not work. She tells the team about Johnny. They hide in her bedroom. When Johnny enters, they expose him to be Veil and she flees.





Episode 212 - FELONY

At the Rehab center, people start turning up comatose, brain dead, or just passed out. Julie meets Rachel "Felony" Fields. Rachel is recovering from anorexia. She is not evil, but she needs energy from others to survive.

Julie starts getting visits from the team. She confronts Steve. He apologizes for the ambush, but promises her that she will thank him for it someday. They feel awkward together. Julie breaks down and cries a lot. Each of the team members visits her. Brandon and Page both talk with her about their relationship difficulties. She tells them about the people in comas.

Julie discovers Rachel's secret. She is the only other tainted person at the center.
In the end, Deanna visits and is introduced to Rachel. Deanna agrees to help her.

Damien and Brandon fight. Afterwards, Damien tells Brandon that Page shot him down. Page is in love with Brandon. Brandon goes to Page and they make up.






Episode 213 - THE AGENDA

NowGex uses a mind control device to make the people they tainted do what they want. They have been doing it for some time. Baxter's kidnapping (207) was actually staged to further their anti-tainted agenda. NowGex's new backer is revealed to be Congressmen Baxter, who grows increasingly popular.

He appears before congress to argue the case of the military contracting NowGex to harness the power of the tainted in the military. Congressional debates go on. In the end, they decide that using mind control, even on the tainted, would take away their free will and would ultimately be unconstitutional.

Mariah Campbell (103) tries to kill Steve. She causes a car accident and leaves him for dead. When Steve disappears, the team begins to search for him. Mariah goes after the rest of them, but they capture her and Deanna finds a way to de-program her. Mariah is devastated by her actions.

Julie is still in rehab. Steve is in the hospital from the injuries of his accident. Mariah visits him. Damien, Brandon, Page, Jake, and Tasha argue about how to deal with Baxter. Damien wants to kill him.





Episode 214 - VIOTECH

NowGex has a new division called VioTech, specializing in cybernetics and other technologies. We see that they are attempting to create a temporal transporter. They have also successfully created cybernetic parts. They revive corpses using cybernetic parts, creating Cyborgs. NowGex creates several cyborgs and Dr. PreSteve sends them out with one mission: to kill the team. Jake calls the director of the FBI and tells him about the cyborgs attacking his team. The Director says the government cannot acknowledge the existence of Mega Force. If he were to say anything, it would get out.

Julie is doing much better and at the end, she gets out of rehab. Steve gets out of the hospital. Tasha takes care of him as he continues to recuperate.

Congressman Baxter has actually commissioned the creation of the cyborgs to propose as a military weapon. He argues before Congress that this would give the military the ability to reuse casualties of war, creating expendable but powerful soldiers. The debates continue.

Baxter and PreSteve agree that Operation Mega Force must be shut down. When the cyborgs fail, they decide on another course of action.





Episode 215 - SLEEP

George "Doze" Sherman, a man with the ability to put people to sleep, is working for NowGex. He infiltrates some of NowGex's competitors and after putting everyone to sleep, copies all the data from their computers and inserts a virus to wipe out their network. At the last company he sees the data they are after. He decides not to give it to NowGex and goes on the run. When everyone at these companies is found asleep in the middle of the day, Mega Force is called in to investigate. They realize the only thing the companies have in common is that they are all NowGex competitors. Tasha and Steve break into a NowGex office building and get onto the network. They find out who George is and the team goes to his address. The place has been ransacked and he is gone.

Steve suffers from back pain from his accident. Julie talks to Brandon about her concern for Steve. Damien argues with Jake saying they should destroy all of NowGex's facilities and agents. Page tries to calm him down and make him listen to reason.

Veil intercepts a group of NowGex agents when they try to capture George. She interrupts the kidnapping, steals the gun with the serum darts, and kills the agents. Veil tells George that he has to get out of town. She will help him if he does something for her. He goes to Grant Enterprises and puts Kimberly in a permanent REM sleep. Veil then helps him leave town.

The team learns of Kimberly's condition and all show up at her bedside.





Episode 216 - PHASED

Priscilla "Phase" Reed, a thief that can walk through walls, is a career thief. The team shows up at the crime scene undercover as cops (thanks to Detective Ramsey's cooperation). They find a clue that leads them to the bad part of town. When they find her, she flees. They discover she has a small son, Ben. They tell Ben they want to help them. He tells them where his mother is. They show up and stop her from stealing her next target. They offer to help her, and they all flee when the cops arrive. In the end, the team takes Priscilla and Ben to the safehouse, where they are welcomed by Crystal Marx.

Meanwhile, Julie enters into Kimberly's dreams in an attempt to wake her up. She also sees that George is responsible for her condition. Kimberly is under Deanna's care. There is nothing physically wrong with Kimberly, she is simply trapped in a REM sleep. Jake is worried about her. Tasha uses the computer to try and track down George. Tasha tells Page about how she and Kimberly met, and that she would probably be dead if it were not for Kimberly.

Steve shares similar sentiments with Damien. This is all new to him, but Damien realizes that this group is not just a team; it’s a family.






Episode 217 - FOREVER YOUNG

Grant Enterprises' stocks take a dive in a stock market crash while Kimberly is still unconscious.

Sung Yoon goes after Billy and Allison Quinn to find the secret to eternal youth. Billy is a time traveler and Allison can manipulate the aging process. Yoon is helped by NowGex. Dr. PreSteve says he has been experimenting with transferring powers from the existing tainted to norms. Allison is kidnapped and Billy is injected with the serum.

Billy is friends with Steve. He calls Steve to ask for help. The team gets involved. They break into NowGex. Meanwhile, PreSteve's people put Allison and Sung Yoon in the Genetic Transfer Device (GTD). Sung Yoon dies in the procedure when the team gets to Allison and disconnects her from the device. Billy's powers return and Steve tells him about what happened to Kimberly. He wants him to go back in time and stop it. Billy refuses, saying interfering with the timeline can severely alter reality. He says there may be something he can do. Tasha is still trying to locate George. Jake talks to her about his feelings for Kimberly.

Steve proposes to Julie again and she accepts. He gives her the ring again. Julie continues to try to reach Kimberly. Page, Damien, and Brandon discuss the concept of eternal life and youth.





Episode 218 - TOUCH OF DEATH

Dr. Victor Dalton is tainted with the ability to kill people with a simple touch. If touched by his hands, they fall ill, and die within a few hours. He uses this to end the suffering of terminally ill people.

The team is called in when the one common factor in the mysterious deaths turns out to be the doctor. Deanna is asked to do some field-work since she is a medical professional who knows what she is doing. Brandon and Page go undercover as patients, each sharing a room with one of Dr. Dalton's patients. Meanwhile, Deanna hangs out with Dalton and the nurses that work with him.

Deanna mentions in front of him that Page's case is terminal. When Dalton goes after her, a fight ensues. He touches her and flees. With only hours left, the team searches for Dalton. They find him and he touches Page again, to reverse the effect just minutes before she dies. He is then arrested. Brandon and Page kiss and he tells her how much he loves her and how he thought she was going to die.

Julie continues to try to wake Kimberly. Billy Quinn goes back in time and sees where George went. He tells Steve. He and Tasha find him. They inject him with the serum and bring him back with them.





Episode 219 - THE THREAT

George's powers have returned and he touches Kimberly. She wakes up and returns to work to find that the board of directors has bought her out. She talks to Jake and joins Mega Force full time. George goes into the underground safehouse, where he will be safe from NowGex's agents.

The team must recover an airborne virus that, if released, will kill every tainted person within a five hundred mile radius. This virus is based on the data that George had refused to steal for NowGex (215). Unfortunately, Dr. PreSteve was able to steal the information without him. Now NowGex has created a prototype, a small missile carrying the virus. The plane carrying the virus crashes in the forests of Oregon en route from Seattle to Los Angeles. It is a race as NowGex, a group of FGP militia, and Mega Force scramble to find the device. The militia finds the device first and launches the missile. Fortunately, Jason "Cyclone" Carrington, who is convinced that they are responsible for his friend's disappearance, was following them. When the device is launched, he uses his powers to create tornadoes to blow the missile up into orbit, where the virus disintegrates in the atmosphere. The militia flees and the NowGex agents disperse.

The team immediately likes Jason, and the girls are all smitten by his good looks. In the end, Steve invites him to join them, but Jason declines. He only uses his powers when necessary and
values living a normal life.





Episode 220 - ENEMY OF MY ENEMY

Congressman Baxter and Dr. PreSteve track down Veil and propose an alliance. They want her to frame Mega Force by committing crimes as each of them. Veil agrees. She does it and Jake's superiors consider cutting Mega Force's funding. Steve, Tasha, and Damien are arrested. Jake is forced to hold them until he can prove their innocence. Brandon, Julie, and Page investigate. Meanwhile, Baxter continues to push for the discontinuation of Operation: Mega Force. Veil then takes Baxter hostage disguised as Brandon. The real Brandon shows up with Julie and Page. The charade is exposed when the encounter is caught on tape by the surveillance cameras. Veil escapes with the help of Paralysis and Tank. She kills Baxter and dumps his body on the steps of the Capitol.

The Destroyer emerges from VioTech's temporal transporter. He is half tainted half robot, and has the ability to control all of VioTech's cyborgs. He destroys the facility and kills most of the personnel, but Dr. PreSteve gets away.

Veil goes after PreSteve and sees the carnage at the VioTech facility. She is satisfied, believing PreSteve to be dead. Suddenly a voice calls out to her from the darkness. It is The Destroyer.





Episode 221 - FUTURES CLASH, Part 1

Enter: The Destroyer. Veil meets the mysterious Destroyer. He tells her that he is from the future. That he has come back in time to kill those that would stop him by killing them in the past. If he succeeds, the tainted will inherit the Earth and the norms will be exterminated. Veil likes what she hears and agrees to follow him. The team learns of the VioTech disaster and go to the site. They see the temporal transporter, but do not know what it is. Tasha stays behind to study it.

Meanwhile. The Destroyer has assembled a large following that includes Veil, Tank, Paralysis, Eddie, Black Ice, Plazma, Big Tony, and Chris. Together, they raid the Tainted Prison and release the prisoners, but kill Aftershock (209). One of the henchmen is killed in the chaos. When the team arrives they find a hit list on him.

Mariah Campbell is on the list along with Carmen Aurora, Billy and Allison Quinn, John Sullivan, Lucas Winston, and Jason Carrington (219). The team contacts Mariah, Jason, and the Quinns. They realize they will need help so they call on Felony (212). There is a large meeting. The Quinns explain who The Destroyer is. Tasha tells them about the temporal transporter. The team decides to split up to try and protect the targets.

In Washington, a committee decides that Operation Mega Force was a failure and their funding is cut.

To Be Continued…





Episode 222 – FUTURES CLASH, Part 2 (Season Finale)

The Destroyer now commands an army of tainted criminals and Viotech's cyborgs. They are sent out around the world to assassinate the marks. Meanwhile, he attacks the team's headquarters. Deanna is luckily not there, but gets there afterwards.

Kimberly, Steve, Julie, and Jason "Cyclone" Carrington go to Vancouver, Canada to protect John "Spike" Sullivan. Plazma, Eddie, Paralysis, and cyborgs go after him. Kimberly dies, but they succeed in protecting John. They capture Eddie and he talks.

Jake, Brandon, Page, and Mariah go to New York City to protect Carmen "Flare" Aurora from Big Tony, Chris, Black Ice, and a group of cyborgs. Big Tony dies, but Carmen survives.

Rachel "Felony" Fields joins Tasha, Damien, Billy and Allison Quinn when they go to Miami to protect Lucas "Dash" Winston. Veil, Victor Dalton, Tank and the cyborgs are sent after him. Veil and Tank die, but Lucas lives.

Steve contacts the others and they all go after The Destroyer at the old VioTech lab. He has destroyed the temporal transporter. A large battle ensues. Steve is seriously injured. The heroes are losing.

Billy goes to the future to find the one person who can defeat The Destroyer; the mysterious tainted man known only as Omega. Omega creates a tear in the space-time continuum and traps the Destroyer in between dimensions. Page is also sucked through the portal and is lost. Omega vanishes when the portal closes.