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The team is reeling from the Season 2 Finale. Kimberly is dead, Page has disappeared into a dimensional portal, and Steve is wheelchair bound. During this year, the team does not actively fight crime, but rather deals with situations as they come. They must find and save Page from another dimension. They also search for a way to heal Steve. This year focuses more on their personal lives, culminating in the wedding of Steve and Julie in the finale. The main antagonists this season are NowGex Labs and their alliance with the anti-tainted group, The Foundation for Genetic Purity (FGP); an alliance that ultimately leads to the potential extinction of all the tainted on earth.



Episode 301: AFTERMATH

Episode 302: HOPE

Episode 303: DISCOVERED

Episode 304: FREE

Episode 305: THE HEALER

Episode 306: SAFE

Episode 307: INSIDE AND OUT

Episode 308: FIRST STRIKE

Episode 309: DESTINY

Episode 310: PAYBACK

Episode 311: CHANCES

Episode 312: TESTED

Episode 313: TROUBLE


Episode 315: LOSS

Episode 316: VENDETTA

Episode 317: LOVE'S PRICE


Episode 319: COUNTERPART

Episode 320: THE PLOT

Episode 321: THE BIG DAY PT. 1

Episode 322: THE BIG DAY PT. 2




Episode 301 – AFTERMATH (Season Premiere)

Steve is in a wheelchair due to a back injury he suffered in the battle with The Destroyer (222). Deanna tells Steve that his injury is incurable. He will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He has a very hard time accepting this. Julie tries to be strong for him, but she, too, is devastated by this.

Brandon and Damien are mourning the loss of Page, who was sucked into a dimensional portal during the battle (222). Brandon talks with Julie and Billy Quinn insisting that there must be a way to reach Page. Damien says he knows a tainted woman with the ability to travel through dimensions. Billy says there are an infinite number of dimensions Page may be trapped in and there is no way of knowing which one she is in. Julie says she has an idea.

They all mourn the loss of Kimberly. She has left millions of dollars in cash, real estate, and investments to the team. Operation Mega Force has been shut down, and the heroes all find themselves adjusting to "normal" lives. Jake gives Steve some words of encouragement, then he disappears after the funeral. Tasha is traumatized by all this. She throws herself into helping Deanna at the Medical Center, which Kimberly left to her.

Meanwhile, Page finds herself in an alternate dimension where the tainted rule, and norms are being hunted down and imprisoned. Page searches for the team, but doesn't find anyone. She uses her powers to persuade a man to give her money and she rents a room at a motel.







Episode 302 - HOPE

Steve tries to walk and can't. He tells Brandon that he will not live like this. Brandon worries that Steve is contemplating suicide. Deanna tells Steve that he can live a very full life as a parapalegic. Damien talks with Deanna about the possibility of transferring his powers to Steve. Deanna says that such a procedure killed Sung Yoon (217). She takes a blood sample from Damien and says she will see what she can do.

Julie tells Brandon, Damien, and Tasha that if they can find this transdimensional traveler they can transfer that power and her telepathic powers to Rachel "Felony" Fields. That way they can locate Page. Damien warns them that Brooke "Portal" O'Neil is not playing on their team. Brandon says they will have to convince her. Tasha gives them a device that can detect disturbances in the space-time continuum (portals). Damien and Brandon go to New York City in search of Portal. They visit some of Damien's old haunts. They track her down. She refuses to help. They fight. Before they can inject her with the neutralizing serum, she escapes through a portal. They use the device to locate where she reemerges. They eventually capture her and head back to Los Angeles.

Julie remains by Steve's side. Steve tells her that if he doesn't get better, he will understand if Julie does not want to marry him. She tells him he is being ridiculous. Tasha works with Deanna on a way to create a regenerative serum using the sample of Damien's blood.

Page encounters the other dimension's Veil, but she is a norm named Isabelle Summers. Page helps her when the tainted police come after her in the room next door. They both go on the run.







Episode 303 - DISCOVERED

Brandon and Damien bring Portal to Grant Gardens. Julie and Rachel are there, waiting for them. Rachel is hesitant about going through with it, saying she could kill them both. Julie tells her not to worry. Brandon and Damien will be here. Rachel takes Julie's hand and Portal's hand. Julie passes out. Rachel quickly lets go of them both. Portal collapses. Rachel falls back into a chair with her eyes open as if in a trance. When she snaps out of it, she says she knows where Page is, then passes out.

Meanwhile, Page and Isabelle hide out in an abandoned warehouse. It is a safehouse for the norms. Page cannot believe that the woman she knew as Veil could have been this kind, warm woman. The tainted police find the safehouse and attack. They take the norms into custody. Page allows herself to be captured in the hopes that she can free all of the imprisoned norms.

Deanna and Tasha are unable to harness Damien's healing powers to help Steve. Tasha says it is time they thought about going back to NowGex. Tasha breaks into one of the NowGex facilities. She sets off a silent alarm and agents are sent after her. Tasha starts a fire between her and the agents. She escapes with a disk containing the files on tainted transfer technology.

Back at the Grant Medical Center, Tasha discovers that NowGex never succeeded in transferring tainted powers because they are encoded into the individual's DNA.








Episode 304 - FREE

Rachel tells Brandon and Damien where Page is. Portal has been heavily sedated, but she and Julie have regained their powers. Damien tells Rachel to absorb Portal's powers again and open a portal to the dimension where Page is. Julie, later, erases this memory from Portal's mind and they return her to New York.

Julie tells Steve about the plan to get Page back. He is glad, but his own self-pity quickly overtakes him again. Julie talks to Deanna about Steve. He seems very distant and unemotional. Meanwhile, Tasha visits Kimberly's grave.

Brandon, Damien, and Rachel prepare to go in after Page. Rachel warns them that when she absorbs Portal's energy and powers, she will only have them for a few hours. If they do not find Page by then, they must go home or be stuck in the alternate dimension. They go. They see on the news a story about the latest raid on a newly found norm safehouse. They see Page among the norms captured. They ask around and find out where the captured norms are sent. They find and rescue Page. She wants them to help all the norms. Damien recognizes Isabelle. He agrees to help her. Brandon and Rachel say they do not have the resources to free all the norms and they are running out of time. They tell Page that this is the way this dimension is supposed to be. Freeing these norms will not change anything. They escape with Page and Isabelle. Isabelle is killed in the escape by the tainted guards. Damien unleashes an energy pulse at them, killing them. Rachel opens a portal, but it is unstable as Portal's powers are wearing off. They quickly run into it. It collapses before the guards can follow. They return to Grant Gardens to find the building on fire.









Episode 305 - THE HEALER

Page, Brandon, Damien, and Rachel are shocked to find Grant Gardens burning to the ground. They meet Julie and Tasha, who are reunited with Page for the first time since the battle with The Destroyer (222). Damien asks Tasha if she is responsible for this. She gives him a dirty look. They all go back to the Medical Center. Page sees Steve in the wheelchair for the first time. They hug. The team moves into Kimberly's mansion. They wonder who could have set the apartment building on fire and why.

On CNN, they see a report on people being miraculously cured at a hospital in London. Dr. William Covington is interviewed, but downplays the situation. The team immediately thinks he is tainted. They all take Kimberly's private jet to London and go to the hospital in search of the doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor has been badly beaten and is in the ICU, a victim of an anti-tainted hate crime. The team goes to see him. They are not sure what to do. Within a matter of hours, the doctor himself makes a miraculous recovery. They tell him about Steve. Deanna shows him the x-rays. He touches Steve's back for a moment and Steve is cured. He is thrilled beyond belief. William invites them to his flat, but they are attacked by a group of punks claiming to be members of the Foundation for Genetic Purity (FGP) (105, 219). The team defeats them and ties them up. The thugs have no idea who Hector is. Steve calls the police with an anonymous tip and they leave the punks for the police to arrest. Steve and William thank each other. Steve tells Julie he is eager to begin planning for their wedding. Julie is glad to have him back. They return home.

In the end, Dr. Covington enters his flat and there is a huge explosion. We see a Board of Directors sitting at a conference table discussing the recent events. Above them is a large seal of the FGP (Foundation for Genetic Purity; 105).








Episode 306 - SAFE

The team returns home and discovers that Dr. Covington has been killed. They think that the FGP is much larger than the cult Hector led in Los Angeles (105). They begin to think that they may have been responsible for the fire at Grant Gardens.

Steve and Julie begin discussing the wedding. Steve and Julie go to a convenience store. A fight breaks out between the clerk and a tainted customer, Luke Cohen. Luke has super strength. He grabs the clerk and throws him across the store. Julie wants to intercede. Steve wants to get out of there. She refuses. Steve steps back in fear. Luke breaks the register and starts stealing the money. Julie psychically attacks him and he passes out. Steve takes Julie by the hand and they run out. Julie confronts Steve who admits he was scared. Julie is angry with him. He tells her maybe the superhero thing is not for him.

Tasha discovers that Ty died in an accident with a drunk driver. She is devastated. The team goes to the funeral where they see Leah. Page, Damien, and Brandon spend time with Tasha. Without her sponsor, they are afraid she will start drinking again.

Meanwhile, Dr. PreSteve and Donald Keller meet with the FGP Board of Directors (Cary Wells, Harold Newman, Charles Law, Ellen Henry, and Arthur Jamison). They decide that the tainted threat has gone far enough. The Board says they know about the virus NowGex has created (219). They want to commission NowGex to go into mass production. They want to launch a worldwide strike that will eradicate the tainted from the globe. Dr. PreSteve refuses. Keller kills PreSteve and takes over NowGex. He is a member of the FGP and agrees to produce the virus.








Episode 307 - INSIDE AND OUT

Steve takes a trip by himself. He is pulled over in a small town in Idaho and thrown in a prison run by the FGP. He is injected with the neutralizing serum. The guards tell the prisoners he is tainted. Steve is intimidated and beaten. When the team doesn't hear from him, they investigate. Julie is worried. They track his car down to the small town. Julie senses that the townspeople know something. She and Page use their powers to find out where Steve was taken. They grab one of the guards. Brandon puts on the uniform. Tasha makes him a fake ID badge and he goes in. Brandon sees Steve. He scopes out the area. It is very secure. Steve sees Brandon and is very happy to see him. Brandon sneaks him out of the building, but they are discovered at the perimeter.

The team is waiting just beyond the perimeter walls. They hear the sirens. They knock out the guards at the gate and stand united, side by side. Tasha sets fires between Steve and Brandon and the guards behind them. Damien shoots an energy pulse at the guards from the other direction. Julie telekinetically knocks all of the guards ahead of Steve and Brandon down. They all escape. Guards follow in their jeeps, but Julie telekinetically makes them all swerve into the trees lining the road. Steve is really shaken up. The team is relieved he is okay. It was Brandon's first time in command. He considers becoming leader of the team, should Steve want to settle down into a normal life. He discusses it with Page and she supports him.

The FGP Board of Directors looks at surveillance footage from the break out. They see the team as a threat to their plans.






Episode 308 - FIRST STRIKE

Crystal Marx calls the team. There was a raid on one of the tainted safehouses. Again, Steve does not want to get involved. Brandon decides to help. The tainted from the other safehouses begin lashing out at the norms in retaliation. Officials condemn the attacks, but don't mention the slaughter of a dozen tainted people at the safehouse.

Damien tells Page he is leaving, that without Operation: Mega Force, there is no reason for him to hang around. He says that his criminal record has been expunged, thanks to Jake, and with Veil dead, he is safe. Page is angered about this, asking if that is all it was that kept him with them. Page asks him where he will go and what will he do. He does not know. She pleads with him not to go. Page tells him that the team will continue the good fight and that if Steve is out, Brandon is ready to step up. Steve overhears this. Page and Damien see him and it is awkward.

The team has a meeting where they discuss the future. Steve is fine with Brandon taking over. Julie argues with him about how he can just stand by while someone is waging a war against the tainted. Brandon decides to investigate how the safehouse was discovered. He asks Tasha to talk with all of Kimberly's contacts and tell them they are back in business. He asks Damien to stay. Damien agrees. They meet with Crystal. She wants to relocate all the tainted. During the meeting, there is another attack at one of the safehouses. The team rushes over and they see the FGP militia fighting with Dan "Boulder" Bullock, Priscilla "Phase" Reed, and Alan "Morpher" Tandy. The team engages the enemy. They get the tainted out of there and the militia suddenly flee. A helicopter shows up and they shoot a small missile at the building. Brandon narrowly escapes the blast. The tainted are set up at a new location and all the safehouses are evacuated.







Episode 309 - DESTINY

When Brandon is seen using his powers he is shot by a norm. The team all goes to the hospital to see him. Brandon is in a coma, and this really shakes up Steve. He doesn't leave Brandon's side and says he is the closest thing he has had to brother. Mariah, Rachel, and Leah come when they hear the news. Steve decides to return to the team. He feels guilty for not being there when they needed him. Julie is glad to have him back. Page is worried sick and Damien comforts her.

One of the nurses in the hospital is a member of the FGP. She calls the Board of Directors and tells them about Brandon. They tell her to finish him. She is caught by the team moments before injecting a lethal poison into Brandon's IV.

Tasha talks with Detective Ramsey and is frustrated when they do not have any evidence or suspects. The team talks about their concerns over the growing hostility between norms and the tainted. Julie tries to reach Brandon psychically. She goes through a vague medley of memories (flashbacks and nightmares). Julie sees the face of the man who shot Brandon. She sees the license plate of the shooter as he flees the scene. Julie gives Ramsey the plate number and he locates and arrests the shooter.

In the end, Brandon wakes up. Steve tells him he's back and apologizes for abandoning them. Brandon is glad and says he understands how being a leader is difficult.

Meanwhile, NowGex is hard at work mass-producing the virus. Keller is happy with their progress. He meets with the FGP Board of Directors. They tell him about the attack on the safehouses. They are happy that they have the tainted fleeing like rats through the sewers.







Episode 310 - PAYBACK

Peter Harris (203) wakes up from his coma and is now in Los Angeles to extract revenge on Damien and Page. He sees Damien first and shoots him. The bullets bounce off Damien. Peter flees, but Damien sees him. He is immediately worried about Page.

Harris finds and kidnaps Page. He tells her how they ruined his life. He says he will not kill her without an audience. He expects Damien to come to her rescue. He shoots a videotape of the captured Page and tells Damien to meet him at an abandoned warehouse. Harris rigs the warehouse with explosives. It is a trap. He also rigs explosives to Page's chair to go off the moment the door opens. He rigs another bomb to go off by remote control.

Brandon asks Damien who this Harris guy is. Damien explains what they did to him (flashbacks). Brandon tells Damien that if anything happens to Page, he will hold him responsible. Steve leads the team to the warehouse. Julie senses something is wrong. She discovers the existence of the bomb and they break in through the wall. They release Page. Harris sees this and detonates the other bomb. Julie telekinetically contains the blast.

Tasha is in the van and she traces the signal from the warehouse. They find Harris. They show up at his apartment. They chase him to the roof. He falls off and dies. Damien and Page grow closer as a result of this ordeal.








Episode 311 - CHANCES

Damien, Brandon, Julie, Page, and Tasha go on a trip to Las Vegas. Steve stays behind. Julie notices one man in several places at once. Robert "Quantum Rogue" Paris is tainted with the ability to multiply his body, literally being in several places at once. He uses this ability to cheat in the casino. He has drawn a crowd around him as he is on an amazing winning streak. He is also among the crowd, seeing the other players' hands.

Damien meets Grace Fisher at the casino. He separates from the team and spends the rest of the trip with her. She is from Los Angeles, too. She tells him she works for a non-profit organization, The Coalition for Tainted Rights (CTR). Damien falls for her and tells her he is tainted. Page is surprised to find that she is a little jealous of Grace.

Brandon, Julie, and Tasha confront Robert outside the casino. He tells them it is no big deal, the house always wins and it is for a food cause. He gives the money away to poor tainted people. Meanwhile, the hotel security office sees him in several places at once. One of them is a member of the FGP. He makes a call. Later, an FGP assassin sneaks into Robert's room. Robert escapes but learns of the FGP's existence. The next morning, Robert is asked to leave the casino. A group of FGP militia attack him and try to steal his winnings. The team sees the fight and come to his aid. They defeat the FGP and escape with Robert. They warn him to leave and not return. He thanks them and gives them his card. He is a fundraiser for the CTR.

Steve talks with Deanna. He is insecure about being the leader. Without Kimberly, he is not sure he knows what he is doing. Deanna assures him that he is doing fine.







Episode 312 - TESTED

Brandon sees his old girlfriend, Lilah Reyes. They were together for two years and she broke his heart when she left him. Lilah and Brandon do not know that the other is tainted. Lilah has the ability to charge things with all their potential kinetic energy. Essentially she can turn any object into an explosive bomb. Page is jealous of Lilah. Brandon tells her nothing is going on. They fight and decide to take a break.

Damien and Grace start going out. She shows him the CTR Headquarters downtown. Damien is surprised to have such strong feelings for a norm. He talks to Page about it, unaware of how uncomfortable she is with it.

Steve gets information from an informant that there is a large shipment of the neutralizing serum going out of NowGex. Steve decides to intercept the trucks and steal the serum. Julie talks him out of it saying the serum should be destroyed. She is against stealing. Steve agrees. The team intercepts the trucks and finds something else inside. They are then ambushed by Victoria "Magnetica" Fox (207) and agents from NowGex. Victoria kills the drivers of the trucks. She flees as the police arrive, framing them for the murders. They fight the police and escape with a small sample of the formula inside and the shipping slip. Victoria reports back to Donald Keller at NowGex. The team is now wanted for murder. Steve calls Detective Ramsey only to find that he died on duty. Deanna and Tasha study the samples.

Meanwhile, Julie gets some bad news from Deanna. Steve and Julie go out to dinner together. She puts the engagement ring on the table. She tells him she cannot have children and she knows how badly he wants to have a family. Steve is devastated and shocked. Julie leaves him before he can react.








Episode 313 - TROUBLE

Steve is devastated by what Julie told him (312). He talks to Brandon about it. Brandon tells him he has to weigh what is more important to him, Julie or having kids. Brandon goes to see Julie. She is very upset.

Deanna and Tasha tell the team the formula going out from NowGex was not the neutralizing serum. It is a virus that is fatal to anyone who is tainted. Brandon points out that there were three trucks full of that virus. Tasha says they were being shipped to a warehouse by the docks, to a company that as far as she can determine does not exist. Steve and Julie are both distracted and uncomfortable around each other. Steve says they should check out the warehouse.

Brandon forgets about a dinner date he had with Lilah. She shows up at the mansion and sees the team leaving. She follows them to the warehouse. She is discovered by the FGP agents. Brandon sees her and discovers she is tainted when she uses her powers to defend herself. The team attacks and a large fight breaks out while the virus is being loaded on a ship. They defeat the agents, but the FGP escapes with the virus. Brandon and Lilah talk about their powers. She tells him it was why they broke up. Brandon tells her about the trouble he and Page are having.

Damien goes out with Grace and tells her about the virus. He spends the night with her.

Tasha works in the lab late at night trying to develop an anti-virus. Steve and Julie avoid each other, both contemplating their future.







Episode 314 - CONSEQUENCES

Steve asks Deanna about Julie's condition. Deanna tells him she can't discuss it with him. She does tell him that Julie's condition is permanent.

Grace learns that she is pregnant. She tells Damien and says she wants to keep the baby. Damien leaves saying he needs time to think. He tells Page he does not know what to do.

Tasha goes to an AA meeting. Outside, she sees Larry Washington attacked by a group of teenagers who are tainted. Tasha steps in and uses her powers to save him. The teenagers flee. Tasha talks to Larry who is shocked to discover she is tainted. He agrees to keep her secret. Unfortunately, Betty Sims also saw what happened. She tells everyone and at the next meeting, Tasha is asked to leave.

Lilah meets with Page, who is very stand offish. She does not deny her feelings for Brandon, but says she had her chance. She tells Page that Brandon loves her and nothing happened between them. Page asks her to leave, but thinks about what she said. Brandon meets with Julie. They both talk about their problems. Julie is devastated saying she did this to herself. Her painkiller addiction is the reason she cannot have kids.

We see an FGP facility in Australia. They are unloading the virus from NowGex. Donald Keller is there with the Board of Directors. They talk about getting the virus to the launch sites. Logan "Sounder" Simmons spies on them. He is tainted with a scream that can knock people out. He slips away, but he is seen. Agents go after him and he uses his sonic scream against them. He calls Steve. It turns out he is one of Kimberly's informants.








Episode 315 - LOSS

Steve, Brandon, Julie, and Tasha go to Australia and meet with Logan. He tells them that a large shipment of the virus arrived and leads them to the FGP's Australian Base. They break in and listen in on the Board of Directors. They hear them talking about X-Day. They do not know what it means. Tasha gets on a computer, but she is detected. They find out where the virus is being kept. A fight breaks out. The team narrowly escapes. The agents tell the Board that they accessed the holding area. The team finds that the location is remote. Tasha says if the canisters are ruptured the gas will kill them and any tainted person in the area. They have to be able to blow it up from a distance. Tasha says she can do it, but they need a chopper. Logan hooks them up. After confirming the virus is there, Tasha blows up the entire building from the helicopter. The other team members are in awe of this display of power. Tasha creates an enormous explosion as the helicopter flies away. The fire fills the horizon in the desert. On the flight home, they talk about Tasha's powers and discuss what X-Day might be.

Damien decides to do the honorable thing and marry Grace. He loves her. He goes out with Page to buy an engagement ring. Page finds that she is happy for Damien. He has come a long way from the criminal mastermind he once was. Damien is nervous. Page drives him to the CTR Office. Damien is going to propose. As he walks up to the building, he hears gunshots from inside. He rushes in, just as the shooters flee. He sees their faces and chases after them until he sees Grace mortally wounded. He takes her in his arms. She tells him she loves him and dies in his arms.

To Be Continued...






Episode 316 - VENDETTA

Page sees Damien come out of the CTR office with Grace in his arms. Page gets out of the car as Damien falls to his knees with Grace. Page tries to hold back her tears. Damien tells her it was them. Leah Parker covers the story of the attack on the CTR Headquarters.

Steve, Brandon, Julie, and Tasha return from Australia. Steve and Tasha talk about making changes to Kimberly's private jet and installing various devices and computers. Tasha says she will take care of it. They also discuss what X-Day could be. Page tells them about Grace. They all go to the funeral. Damien isolates himself from the rest of the team and asks Leah to help him find those responsible. Damien goes after the FGP. He finds the shooters from the CTR and kills them. He finds the FGP Los Angeles Office and walks in attacking everyone inside. Leah tells the team she thinks Damien has lost it. Steve fears the worst, that Damien has gone evil again. Page disagrees and says they need to find him.

They catch up with him in San Diego. He again is in the midst of attacking those inside the FGP facility. The team intercedes and they face off. He defeats most of them. Julie attacks his mind and Page talks to him. He finally breaks down crying in Page's arms. Brandon sees them together and is jealous. The police arrive as the team all leaves together.

Later, Steve tells Damien that now his actions have put the entire team at risk. Brandon asks Page if she still has feelings for Damien. She says she does not know. He says she has to make a choice. Page is left conflicted between her feelings for Damien and her feelings for Brandon.








Episode 317 - LOVE'S PRICE

Steve finally talks to Julie about their situation. She tells him she understands. She knows how badly he wants a family. He says he wants her more. He gives her the ring and says he loves her. He says there is more to a family than children. He cannot imagine his life without her and he says he already has a family. The team has become that for him. Julie is relieved to hear him say that and they make up.

Page consoles and comforts Damien. They kiss. Brandon sees them together. Page discusses her feelings with Julie. Julie tells her she has to follow her heart. Brandon meanwhile vents to Lilah. She comforts him saying Page and Damien have a history. They have been through a lot together. Brandon tells Lilah that they have a history together, too. Brandon and Page agree to break up. He and Lilah decide to take things slow and see where it goes. Tasha works on the jet, installing state-of-the-art computers and equipment. Brandon talks with her about Lilah and Page.

Julie gets a call from her mother, Lynnette Hayes, in New Orleans. Her father, Rev. Darrel Hayes, was attacked and is in the hospital. Steve and Julie go down to see them. We also see Emma Hayes, Julie's younger sister. Darrel is in intensive care. Lynnette tells them that it was someone from their church who does not like the fact that Darrel accepts the tainted. They go to church on Sunday where Julie telepathically scans everyone in the congregation. They discover that it is Andrew Cole, a deacon in the church. He is very prejudice against the tainted. When he feels they are on to him, he flees after the service. They track him down. Lynnette calls the police and Julie makes him confess. Julie's dad feels better. Her parents are happy she and Steve have worked things out. Darrel has a talk with Steve. They are all looking forward to the wedding.







Episode 318 - INFILTRATION

The team discusses what X-Day might be. Tasha says their sources came up with nothing. Steve is concerned and says they should find out because it does not sound good. They decide to infiltrate an FGP facility. Julie and Page grab a few men going in and out of the building and try to get them to talk. Unfortunatley, none of them know what is going on. They tell Steve. He says they need a shapeshifter. He calls Crystal Marx and she arrives with Alan "Morpher" Tandy. Steve tells Alan he needs him to go in and get on a computer. He will have a comm link with Tasha and she will guide him through the computer part. The team captures an FGP agent and Alan morphs into him and takes his place. He gets on the computer and Tasha talks to him from the van. He uploads all the files on X-Day. As soon as the transfer is complete, an alarm is set off. Alan is caught inside. The team is about to go in after him, but Julie senses that he has already been killed. They escape.

Crystal is upset at Steve for getting Alan killed. He feels guilty and responsible. Julie tells him not to blame himself. Tasha says the files are encrypted and it will take some time to crack it. Brandon and Page talk about Damien and Lilah. They both are okay with it, saying if it is meant to be, they will end up together again. The feelings are still there.

Steve asks Brandon to be his Best Man. Julie asks Tasha to be her Maid of Honor.

Donald Keller meets with The Board of Directors. They are concerned that the team may have learned of their plans. Keller is also angry at the loss in Australia. He tells the Board they will have to pay for it. They agree. Keller says he will take care of the team. He calls someone on the phone.







Episode 319 - COUNTERPART

Mr. Keller sends Brad "Adonis" Daniels after Julie, Page, and Tasha. Brad is tainted with the ability to put women under his spell just by looking into their eyes. He is extremely good looking and is thoroughly enjoying his powers. He has many girlfriends who serve him. He was tainted by NowGex and owes them. Brad "accidentally" bumps into each of the girls. They all fall under his spell. He makes a date with them all. That night, Brad stops by the mansion and picks them up. Page, Julie, and Tasha all kiss Brad and get into his convertible. The guys are shocked, hurt, and baffled by the girls' behavior. Brad tells the guys not to wait up and drives off with the girls. Brandon says he must be tainted like Page. The guys meet with Deanna and Leah. Leah promises to look into any unusual female behavior stories. Deanna says it is very possible that he does have the girls under his spell. If that is the case, keeping them apart should allow it to wear off, as it does with Page's powers.

Meanwhile, at Brad's mansion, the girls are all in bathing suits. They feed him grapes and give him massages. He asks them questions from a sheet Keller gave him. They tell him everything. He laughs in devilish pleasure. Steve checks the mansion's surveillance cameras and gets the car's plates. Leah uses her contacts at the LAPD to get an address. Brad takes two other girls into the bedroom. The guys break into the mansion. Julie sees Steve and begins to snap out of the spell. Steve pulls her aside and tells her what happened. She tells him to leave it to her. She closes her eyes and uses her powers to free all the girls from Brad's spell. The girls disperse. Julie breaks into the bedroom. The girls with Brad snap out of it and run out. One of them screams that he raped her. Brad is in a panic. He looks at Julie, but her eyes are closed. She telekinetically closes his eyes and opens hers. She calls him a sick pervert and tells him she made all the girls remember all that happened. She tells him she hopes he has a good lawyer.

Later, Julie tells Steve he asked them a lot of questions and says he was working for someone. It was no coincidence that he came after them. Brandon asks Page if she ever used her powers like Brad. She says no, but there are times when it is tempting.







Episode 320 - THE PLOT

Steve and Julie get ready for their upcoming wedding. She takes care of most of it, while Steve tries to figure out what X-Day is. Tasha finally cracks the code and the team meets. She tells them the virus produced by NowGex is being shipped to several launch sites around the world. On May 20th, they plan to launch the rockets into the stratosphere and release the virus. That is the day before Steve and Julie's wedding. It will blanket the globe and kill every tainted person on the planet. The team is shocked. Steve asks where. Tasha says Chicago, London, Beijing, Cairo, Sydney, and Rio De Janeiro. Steve notifies all their contacts to keep an eye out. He says they will need help. Steve puts out the word that the tainted need to stay underground on May 20th, in case they fail. Tasha says the launch will be controlled from one main computer based in London. She says each member of the Board of Directors and Donald Keller have remote detonators.

Steve calls a huge meeting. Mariah Campbell, Rachel Fields, Logan Simmons, Jason Carrington, Lilah Reyes, Robert Paris, and Crystal Marx all join the team. They all agree to help. Steve breaks it down. Leah Parker will use their news satellites to keep the communication open between the different locations.

Tasha and Robert are going to London to stop the launch from the master computer.
Steve and Mariah will stop the launch in Chicago.
Damien and Rachel will take Cairo.
Brandon and Lilah will take Beijing.
Page and Jason will take Rio.
Julie and Logan will take Sydney.

Crystal will round up all the tainted people she can find in an underground bunker in the Nevada desert, just in case.







Episode 321 - THE BIG DAY – Part One

The team splits up.

In London, Tasha stops the master launch sequencer. When she is discovered, Robert multiplies and keeps the FGP and NowGex agents occupied. Unfortunately, Cary Wells is able to use his remote detonator. The virus is launched in London.

In Chicago, Steve and Mariah stop Arthur Jamison. He dies an accidental death. They get the remote detonator from him.

In Cairo, Damien and Rachel face Donald Keller. Damien kills him. They get the remote detonator and the virus is not launched.

In Rio, Page and Jason defeat Charles Law and destroy the remote detonator.

In Beijing, Brandon and Lilah defeat Ellen Henry and retrieve the remote detonator.

In Sydney, Julie and Logan do not get to Harold Newman in time. He launches the missiles.

Crystal Marx harbors all the tainted people she could find in the underground bunker. Leah keeps the heroes updated on each team's progress. She is horrified when she finds out the launch sequence has been initiated in Sydney and London.

To Be Continued...






Episode 322 – THE BIG DAY – Part Two (Season Finale)

The launch of the anti-tainted virus missiles has been initiated in London and Sydney. In London, Tasha runs out to the roof despite Robert's pleads that they get out of there. She sees the missiles go up into the sky. Before the pods containing the virus are ejected she blows them up. She then continues to create an enormous swirl of fire through the sky, dissintegrating all the virus particles before they reach the surface. Robert is in awe of this power, but also a bit intimidated by it.

In Sydney, Julie telekinetically holds down the missiles as they try to launch. It causes the facility to catch fire. Julie takes Logan's hand and protects them with a telekinetic bubble. She also telekinetically removes the pods of the virus and protects them from the explosion. The entire facility explodes. Many die, but Julie, Logan, and the virus are safe. When it is all over, she collapses. Logan catches her.

Back in LA, the team reunites and discusses what happened. Julie is weak, but is okay. Steve asks if she wants to postpone the wedding. She says no.

The next day the wedding takes place. Steve and Julie are married by Reverend Darrel Hayes in a church by the ocean. Brandon is there with Lilah. Page is there with Damien. As they all dance at the reception, Brandon and Page look at each other and smile. Tasha brought Logan. Mariah, Rachel, Jason, Robert, Leah, and Billy and Allison Quinn, are all in attendance as well as Lynnette and Emma Hayes. The team is all very happy and some think about whether they will ever get married.