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With Jake Shaw's help, the heroes become private investigators. This year contains many stand-alone episodes as the team takes on various missions from various clients. Under the direction of Helen Carmichael, NowGex is no longer a threat. The main antagonist this season is Paralysis, who slowly gains mental control over Tasha and uses her as a weapon against the federal government in Washington D.C. The final battle leads to a psychic showdown that leaves Julie, Paralysis, and Tasha in comas.




Episode 402: THE RAID

Episode 403: NEW HORIZONS

Episode 404: CONCERNS

Episode 405: NEXUS


Episode 407: TOUCH OF GOLD

Episode 408: RAGE OF THE SON

Episode 409: POLARITY

Episode 410: ON ICE

Episode 411: THE STALKER

Episode 412: MT. OLYMPUS

Episode 413: THE HUNTED

Episode 414: ASYLUM

Episode 415: BACK TO ONE

Episode 416: TRUE FEELINGS


Episode 418: OVERTAKEN

Episode 419: EMERGENCE

Episode 420: REACHING OUT

Episode 421: ABLAZE PT. 1

Episode 422: ABLAZE PT. 2





Episode 401 – STORMY WEATHER (Season Premiere)

Steve and Julie are on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Unexplained storms begin hitting the island. A surfer dies from the waves. Julie senses anger and pain in the storm. She tells Steve that someone is behind this. They encounter Pierce "Thunder" Brennan, a tainted person who is unknowingly affecting the weather based on his mood. Pierce is having problems with his girlfriend, Kaya Reeves. Steve and Julie talk to him and make him realize his own powers. They help him and Kaya reconcile, and the weather returns to normal.

Back in LA, Brandon and Damien hang out at the mansion and have an awkward conversation about their girlfriends. Meanwhile, Tasha and Page go out shopping.

Leah Parker reports that Brad Daniels is facing several charges of sexual assualt (319). And Leah does an expose on the FGP and their plot to murder the tainted. After work, rogue FGP agents kidnap Leah. The organization has collapsed since the failure of X-Day (322). Fortunately, Leah has a tracking emergency device on her. It alerts the team. Brandon calls the girls and together they go in and rescue Leah. The agents are then arrested.

At Zander's Bar, Rebecca "Paralysis" Grey watches news reports about the huge explosion over London (322). She knows that it is Tasha. She is impressed by Tasha's awesome power.





Episode 402 - THE RAID

The team welcomes Steve and Julie back from their honeymoon. Brandon briefs Steve on what has happened while they were away. They see a news report where Leah reports that NowGex has a new director, Helen Carmichael. Helen releases a statement saying that she will bring back NowGex's integrity in the scientific community. At the end of the episode, we see Helen talking to one of the scientists. It turns out she is trying to find a cure for the tainted.

Tasha has a nightmare and wakes up to find her bed on fire. The entire team is concerned. Tasha sees Deanna and asks her if she is losing control. Deanna runs some tests and says everything is fine with her.

Brandon and Lilah drop off supplies for Crystal and the other tainted outcasts at one of the safehouses. Later at dinner, they all discuss the outcasts, how young they are, how many of them do not know how to control their powers, and that their appearance is so different that they cannot go out in the day without being attacked. They come out to find someone trying to steal a car. Damien confronts him. The man shoots Damien, when it does not hurt him, he runs away. Damien laughs it off, but Steve warns him not to attract attention to them. When they come close to the mansion, they find the authorities all over the place.

They try to back away when they see Jake standing outside the van. He gets in and they drive away.





Episode 403 - NEW HORIZONS

Jake and the team meet at The Grant Medical Center. He tells them that after Kimberly's funeral, he was taken to Washington D.C. for a full debriefing. They were coming after the team, but decided to drop the charges if Jake was willing to go on what was considered a suicide mission for the CIA. When Jake survived, he returned to find that they had been monitoring the team and planning a strike. When he confronted them, he was forced to resign. Steve asks him if he is back for good. Jake says no. He is not tainted, and without his FBI resources, he is no good to them now. He had hoped to reach them before the raid and warn them. He says he will only be in town for awhile before he retires to his home outside Vancouver. Steve says they cannot keep doing this. They need some way to legitimize themselves in the eyes of the law. Jake says there may be a way.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse, Rebecca Grey sits with her eyes closed, deep in thought. One of her new henchmen steps in to ask how it is going. She says it is coming along well. She has to be very gentle in her approach or else Julie Hayes would detect her. She says not to worry, they will have complete control of Tasha Williams soon enough.

At the end of the episode, Steve says they need to become licensed private investigators. He says they can never go back to the mansion. Tasha is very irritated by the whole situation. She is frustrated at everything they had to leave behind at the mansion. She storms out and goes by the mansion. She starts fires in various parts of the mansion. She flashes a sinister smile of satisfaction as she watches the agents and cops flee the burning building in her rear view mirror.





Episode 404 - CONCERNS

Steve holds a meeting with the rest of the team. They talk about the fire at Kimberly's mansion. They think the FBI decided to destroy it after getting the evidence they wanted. He shows them the building where he plans to open shop. They also discuss their financial situation. They will all have to pitch in if this is to work. There are apartments above the office for them to move in to. After a long discussion, they all agree. Steve and Julie speak to the real estate agent and buy the property. Steve is a bit insecure about his decision. Julie reassures him that it is a good idea.

Brandon and Tasha buy the furniture and equipment. Tasha argues with a salesman and accidentally blows up a nearby computer. Brandon later confronts her. She says she did not mean to, but that for some reason that salesman made her very angry.

Julie and Tasha walk into LAPD Headquarters. Julie brain-freezes everyone in the building. Tasha gets on the computer and erases any records they had on the team. Julie also erases everyone's short-term memory so that nobody would remember even seeing them walk in. Tasha also destroys the surveillance footage of them. Later, Damien and Page take care of the paperwork for getting a license. The team all work on fixing up the place.

Jake introduces Steve to his LAPD contact, Captain David Garcia. He explains to Garcia that Steve's agents specialize in tainted-related cases. Garcia talks to Steve about the modifications they made at the jail and penitentiary to accommodate tainted convicts.

At the end of the episode, Jake says his goodbyes and leaves town. Tasha feels bad about setting the mansion on fire and goes to see Julie.





Episode 405 - NEXUS

Tasha tells Julie that she started the fire at the mansion. And she has been feeling weird lately. Aware of what is happening, Rebecca Grey releases Tasha from her influence. Julie probes Tasha's mind, but cannot find anything to worry about. Tasha tells her not to tell Steve. Julie reluctantly agrees.

The team agrees on the name Nexus Investigations. The ads are out and the office is open for business. Chris shows up and wants to make peace with the team. They refuse saying he cannot be trusted. He explains he did what he had to do to survive. Tasha loses her temper and sets him on fire. Steve yells at her. She goes out and starts drinking.

That night, Julie tells Steve she is worried about Tasha. Steve is also concerned, but says she and Chris were close and his betrayal ran a lot deeper with her.

Damien wants to sleep with Page. She says she is not ready. They argue. He thinks it is because she still has feelings for Brandon. She says that is not true. Damien says he thought they had something special, but maybe he was wrong and storms out.

Brandon tells Lilah about the new business. He is very excited about the whole thing. On their way home, they see Tasha drunk. She is setting things on fire. Brandon confronts her. Lilah spots someone videotaping Tasha. She grabs his camera. Moments later, it explodes. Brandon apologizes before knocking Tasha out. He picks her up and they take her home.






Helen Carmichael thinks she has developed a cure for the tainted. Fliers and ads go out looking for tainted volunteers willing to undergo an experimental treatment that could cure them. Helen Carmichael personally oversees the treatments, being conducted at a NowGex facility in the valley. Daniel Bullock (205) is among those who volunteer. At first, it seems to work. Daniel's rocky skin reverts to normal flesh and he seemingly becomes a norm. Thrilled with the results he returns to the tainted safehouse to show his friends. Crystal Marx is concerned when other tainted people want to undergo the procedure.

After a while, Daniel's cells become unstable and the DNA begins to break down. Crystal calls Deanna, but there is nothing she can do and Daniel dies. Crystal goes to Nexus Investigations and asks the team for help. The team says several other tainted people have been found dead. They fear that NowGex is back to its currupt ways. They meet and question Helen Carmichael. She does not believe them. Deanna meets with her and explains what the process did to the victims. Helen is devastated that the treatment failed. She honestly wanted to help people. Steve asks her about the neutralizing serum and says the LAPD could really use it to contain tainted criminals in prison. He sets up a meeting between her and Captain Garcia. She agrees to supply the serum to the LAPD.

Page confronts Damien about the fight they had. They break up. Page talks to Julie about it. Page says it was wrong to get involved with Damien and she blew it with Brandon. Damien vents to Steve. Steve understands saying Julie would not sleep with him until they were married. He says it was hard, but Julie was worth the wait. He assures him in the end it will all work out. In the end, Julie goes to check on Tasha and finds her missing.






Episode 407 - TOUCH OF GOLD

Tasha shows up at the office after being gone all night. She is a little drunk. Carlos Santiago, owner of a pawnshop on Melrose is telling his problem to the team.

Andrea "Goldfinger" Steve has been pawning off rare gold items that, after twenty-four hours, are no longer gold. Andrea turns whatever she touches to gold for a day. They investigate and ask about similar occurrences at other pawnshops.

Steve and Julie talk with Tasha. She is irritable and defiant. Julie tries to reach her psychically but is shut out. Tasha says she is sick of them telling her what to do. If they want to fire her, that is their right, but her personal life is her own business. That night Julie tells Steve she couldn't reach Tasha and wonders if Tasha is developing some latent mental powers.

The team eventually tracks Andrea down. She turns Julie to gold and escapes. Steve stays with Julie, but the rest of the team chases after her. The team catches up to her and they talk. She says she has no choice. She cannot work anywhere because she cannot touch anything without turning it to gold. The team tells her Deanna can help her control her powers. They also say they can find her work through their contacts. They tell her she is lucky they got to her before the police. They also say she has to return all the money from their client. She reluctantly agrees when they threaten her with prison.

Deanna examines Julie and says she is in a state of suspended animation and should be fine when the effects wear off. Steve is worried sick about her. At the end of the episode they get into a fight when he tells Julie he does not want her in the field.





Episode 408 - RAGE OF THE SON

Grant Keller reorganizes a group of FGP agents on a quest for revenge for the death of his father (322). Grant has surveillance video of Damien killing his father. He still has the neutralizing serum. He tracks down Damien and follows him to a bar. One of his agents puts a few drops of the serum in Damien's drink. When Damien steps out of the bar, they grab him, throw him into a van, and drive off. Grant tortures Damien and takes pleasure in it. Page is concerned when Damien does not show up at the office. Brandon discovers that she and Damien broke up. Julie tries to find him telepathically. She senses that he is in pain, but cannot locate him. The team splits up and tries to find him. Witnesses at the bar say they saw him abducted outside. They wonder if it was government officials or former FGP agents. They eventually find him in Keller's home. Damien has been tortured and nearly killed. Grant runs. The team chases after him. Grant is hit by a car and killed. Tasha does not seem to care, saying he got what he deserved. Julie is worried about her change in attitude.

Steve and Julie discuss her being in the field. She argues that she is probably the most powerful of everyone on the team. She has been able to do things she never knew she was capable of. Steve apologizes and says he just could not bare the thought of something happening to her.

Brandon tells Lilah that Damien and Page apparently broke up. Lilah breaks up with him. She says this was clearly a rebound relationship and she was fooling herself into thinking it was more. She says he still has feelings for Page. He denies it, but she does not believe him. She says she will always care for him, but they have to be fair with themselves.





Episode 409 - POLARITY

Captain Garcia comes to Nexus Investigations for help. He tells them that several banks around the city have been robbed. He says it looks like someone has been able to magnetically break into the vaults. The team believes this to be the work of Victoria Fox (312). Damien and Julie go meet with Helen Carmichael. Helen says Victoria was let go. She says NowGex is a genetics research lab, not a military unit. She says she has severely downsized NowGex's security department. She has no idea where Victoria is. The team uses their contacts and catches up with Victoria at Zander's Bar. A fight breaks out. They tell her they can revert her to a norm, undo NowGex's tainting. She refuses. She loves her powers. She thinks they make her better than everyone else. They shoot her with the serum and call the police. Garcia thanks the team for their help and takes Victoria into custody.

Page decides not to get involved with Brandon or Damien. She tells them both that she cares for both of them, but she thinks they should all be friends. She says having a relationship with either one of them is too complicated.

Tasha is extremely moody. She participates in the mission, but is on shaky ground with Steve and Julie. That night, she apologizes to them. She tells them she feels powerful and she is afraid that it will change her. Steve and Julie accept her apology and promise to be there for her.

Damien sits on the roof, looking out at the city. Julie joins him and they talk. Damien talks about Page and Brandon and his own past. Julie talks about Steve, Tasha, and her own experiences.





Episode 410 - ON ICE

Crystal Marx is arrested after several muggings leave people frozen in alleys. She calls the team for help. They call on Calvin Banks (113) to represent her. Captain Garcia says he cannot release her until the team finds whoever they think is behind this. The only other tainted person they know with freezing powers is Raven Lawrence (208). They notice that the attacks are very localized. The team splits up and goes on patrol. Damien and Julie, Tasha and Brandon, Steve and Page. Julie senses a victim's fear and they find Raven. She freezes Steve and Page. She tries to freeze Julie, but she telekinetically stops her. Tasha and Raven face off. Tasha bursts into flames as she unleashes unrelenting fire and heat at Raven. Raven's ice is no match and she eventually catches fire. The team tells Tasha to stop. She is still in flames. Julie telepathically attacks her mind, making Tasha stop. Raven is taken to the hospital. Captain Garcia is called and Crystal is released from jail.

Julie talks to Deanna about Tasha and her own growing powers. Julie talks Tasha into seeing Deanna. They agree to start testing and training together.

Outside of work, Page avoids Brandon and Damien. Brandon and Damien also feel awkward together. They end up talking on the roof. They agree that maybe Page is right. Damien thinks she still sees him as a killer.

That night, Steve and Julie discuss the case and Tasha. Julie is relieved that Tasha is letting Deanna help her.





Episode 411 - THE STALKER

Nancy Donnel comes to Nexus Investigations for help. While Julie focuses on their problem with Tasha, the rest of the team takes on her case. Nancy is being stalked by Ian Wolf. He has been speaking to her through different people, knowing things he could not know. She knows he is tainted and that is why she broke up with him, but she does not know what his powers are. Damien does not want to help her, calling her a bigot. She is not popular with any of them, but they need the money. It turns out that Ian can see through the eyes of anyone he makes eye contact with. He can also speak through them. He shows up at Nancy's house and when she rejects him again, he tries to kill her. After a fight with the team, he is handcuffed and blindfolded. Captain Garcia arrests him.

Page, Damien, and Brandon still feel awkward around each other as they adjust to just being friends. Brandon and Steve talk about the business, their financial status, and Page and Tasha. Steve beleives she will be fine. Damien talks to Julie about how uncomfortable he has become around Page and Brandon. Julie gives him advice. He comes to appreciate her advice and sees why the rest of the team comes to her with their problems.

Tasha trains with Deanna. Tasha holds back her powers. Deanna sees this and realizes just how powerful Tasha has become. It scares her.





Episode 412 - MOUNT OLYMPUS

Harold Newman escaped the explosion in Sydney (322) and still has some of the lethal virus in his possession. Now that NowGex has gone legit, he has hired some local scientists to replicate the formula. He decides to take a more subtle approach, starting a company known as Mount Olympus. Mt. Olympus releases a cosmetics line including make-up, creams, lotions, fragrances, and hair products. Harold incorporates the virus into the formula. Harmless to norms, any tainted person using the products dies. When tainted people begin dying all over the city, John Sullivan (222) calls Nexus Investigations.

The entire team goes to help. They investigate and discover the common link between all the victims is Mt. Olympus products. They locate the company's plant. Page and Steve ask some questions. Meanwhile, Julie, Tasha, Brandon, and Damien sneak around the plant. Brandon and Julie see Harold Newman and discover that he is the owner of the company. Tasha hacks into their computers and discovers that the virus is in their products. Brandon and Julie see a truck full of the products going out. Brandon knocks out the driver and drives the truck out. Steve and Page finish asking questions and leave. Tasha destroys the products at the facility and the shipment Brandon highjacked

The team meets up at John's place. The team calls Leah who does a report exposing the poison in Mt. Olympus products. They also call the authorities and Harold Newman is arrested and will be tried for murder and conspiring to commit murder. The company is shut down and stores remove their products.

Tasha feels better during this mission. Rebecca Grey is frustrated that she cannot reach Tasha.





Episode 413 - THE HUNTED

On their way back from a mission in Hawaii, Steve, Page, Tasha, and Brandon fly into a storm. The plane crashes and they end up on a deserted island. Back at home, Julie and Damien lose communication with the plane. Julie is concerned. On the island, the team is separated. Steve and Tasha together, Brandon and Page together. They cannot get a signal on their cell phones. They roam about the island looking for each other. Steve and Tasha come across several dead and mutilated bodies. They find an old abandoned NowGex facility. A creature created by NowGex is loose on the island and it is hungry. Tasha shoots fire into the sky, hoping to catch the attention of the Coast Guard. Brandon and Page encounter the creature first when it attacks Brandon. He fights with it and he and Page are injured. They spend the night on the island.

Steve and Tasha talk about her powers and she says she is worried that something terrible is going to happen to her. Steve promises her he will not let that happen. Brandon and Page discuss their feelings. She sleeps in his arms. The next day they find each other. Again the creature attacks. Steve electrocutes it, but it turns out there are several creatures on the island. Tasha sets one on fire and it flees. They run to the shore.

Damien and Julie track down where the plane went down. It crashed near an island that is under quarantine. They learn of an old NowGex facility there. Julie and Damien go see Helen Carmichael. She knows nothing about it, but asks a senior NowGex scientist. He tells them about the experiments and the creatures on the island. He says their friends are in grave danger. Damien and Julie go out to the island, find, and rescue their friends. Tasha sets off a huge explosion on the island.





Episode 414 - ASYLUM

Keri Patton, the wife of Martin Patton, a former NowGex scientist, hires Nexus Investigations to break her husband out of a mental institute. She says NowGex had him locked up when he began talking about a killer tainted cyborg from the future (220). She says her husband is not crazy and he is in there for political reasons. The team says they can get him out, but they will be hunted down. Keri and Martin will have to lay low for a while. Tasha says she can hack into the institution's computers and get rid of any record of her husband, but those who knew him will be looking for him.

Julie and Page go undercover as mental patients. Tasha also goes in as a nurse. Tasha becomes angry when she sees Dr. Colin PreSteve (205), Leonard's brother. She accidentally starts a fire. He sees her and the guards go after her. She shoots them with a heat blast that dissintegrates them in seconds. She melts the glass of the windows and escapes. Julie and Page find Martin and tell him they will get him out. They are heard, but the girls use their powers to stop the doctors and guards from coming after them. Julie senses something is wrong with Tasha. They get Martin out, and he and Keri leave town together.

Julie confronts Tasha about the murder of the guards. Tasha says they were going to lock her up in there. Julie says that is no excuse. She asks what is wrong with her. Tasha says Julie is just jealous because she has become more powerful than her.

That night, Julie tells Steve something is very wrong with Tasha. She is not herself. Steve tells her whatever it is they will figure it out. He wants to be intimate with Julie, but she is too distracted. Meanwhile, Brandon and Damien agree to not let Page come between them.




Episode 415 - BACK TO ONE

Brandon finds out that his mother was killed while attempting to escape from prison. He talks to Julie about it. This makes Damien wonder about his own family. Damien asks Steve about his past. Steve tells him that he did find out about his parents. His mother died in childbirth. His father had died before he was born.

Damien goes to Helen Carmichael and asks her about his past. It is difficult for him. She also feels uncomfortable discussing the unethical experiments NowGex conducted in the past. She tells him the name of the orphanage where he was found. Damien goes there and discovers his mother was a teenager. He finds out her name and his own birthday. He asks Tasha to find her. She finds out that his mother died in a car accident four years ago. Damien realizes that he really is alone. Tasha is very blunt and rude with him. She makes a comment about Julie being the only one with a real family in the whole team. She walks out of the room leaving Damien alone.

Page talks to Brandon when she finds out about his mother's death. He pushes her away. Page refuses to leave him alone. Brandon says it is not a big deal. He barely knew her and hardly considered her his mother. He brings up his relationship with Page. He says he has been trying to be okay with it, but he cannot shut off his feelings for her. He leaves saying he just needs to be alone.

Damien talks to Julie about what he has learned. He thanks her for being there for him. He says he still has not talked to Page about this. He still feels awkward being alone around her. He says she reminds him of what he once was. Julie says he cannot change his past. He should learn from it and focus on his future. Damien starts developing feelings for Julie.





Episode 416 - TRUE FEELINGS

Page realizes the mess she has made with Brandon and Damien. Her own feelings are driving her crazy. She decides to quit. She tells Steve and Tasha she is leaving. Tasha is cruel saying she is good at running away and how sick they all are of her sordid confused emotional problems. Steve asks her not to go and says they need her. She packs up some things. Brandon confronts her and accuses her of running away. He says she can run from him and Damien all she wants, but she cannot run from her feelings. He lets her go and says he hopes she finds whatever it is she is looking for.

Julie tells Damien about Page. He feels responsible and asks if they are going to let her go. Julie says they cannot force her to stay. Damien says that ever since Grace (315), he has been on edge. He says Page deserves better than that. He has been a cause for her, not a boyfriend. He says it is time he let her go. Julie comforts him. He almost kisses her, but she turns away. He apologizes and leaves.

Brandon talks to Steve about the whole situation. He says he still loves her. Steve tells him not to let her go. Julie comes in as Brandon leaves.

Tasha is walking alone in the rain. She walks past a bar. She stops and after hesitating, she goes in. Across the street in a parked car Rebecca Grey looks on with a smile.

Brandon runs after Page on a rainy night. He tells her not to go because he loves her and kisses her.





Episode 417 - WHAT LIES INSIDE

Tasha goes to a bar and starts drinking. Julie walks in and sits next to her. She asks her what she is doing and tells her she is taking her home. Tasha refuses to go. Julie uses her powers to make Tasha obey. Back at Tasha's place, she breaks down. She says she has not felt like herself for some time now. She is afraid she may be going crazy. Julie offers to help and Tasha lets her. Julie faces resistance as she tries to connect psychically with Tasha. This time she fights hard and breaks through the barrier. Rebecca Grey orders her henchmen to leave her alone as she tries to fight off Julie's probe. Julie sees Rebecca's face in Tasha's mind. Rebecca abruptly opens her eyes after Julie sees her. Rebecca retaliates by knocking Tasha unconscious. Julie is kicked out of Tasha's mind.

Brandon and Page confess their feelings to each other, but agree to take things slow. They see Damien and it is awkward for a moment. He tells them he is glad that they are back together. They are relieved that he is okay with them being together.

Steve and Damien take on a case where they must follow the client's wife and get proof of her infidelity prior to their divorce proceedings. They follow her in a car and take pictures of her and the other man. They talk about Julie and Page. Damien asks about how things are with Steve and Julie. Steve notices and says he and Julie are great. They also discuss the case and Tasha's change in personality.

On their way home, they get a call from Julie and go to the medical center. The rest of the team is already there. Tasha is unconscious and under Deanna's care. Julie takes Steve aside and tells him that Rebecca Grey is behind this. Steve asks how she is doing this and what she wants from Tasha. Julie does not know, but they need to find out.





Episode 418 - OVERTAKEN

Tasha is in a deep sleep. Flashbacks of every difficult thing she went through, her parent's death, Johnny's murder, Chris's betrayal, being arrested for DUI, Kimberly yelling at her, and more... As she weakens, Rebecca Grey's control becomes more absolute.

Julie sits at her bedside, searching for Tasha's consciousness, but she cannot find her. She walks through Tasha's memories and finds Tasha standing beside Rebecca Grey. They both raise their hands up against Julie and she is thrust out of Tasha's mind. The shock is so great, that Julie falls to the ground, disoriented. Tasha abruptly wakes up and gets out of bed. One of Deanna's nurses tries to stop her. She disintegrates him and escapes. Deanna comes in to find Julie on the floor.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team talks to their contacts trying to find Rebecca Grey. The team all discusses why she chose Tasha. Steve mentions the footage of the firestorm Tasha created in London and what an awesome manifestation of power it was (322). Julie points out the real concern; what does Rebecca plan to do with that power. The team says Rebecca was seen at Zander's a couple of months ago, but has not been seen since.

At night, Julie tells Steve that it takes a lot to take over someone's mind from a distance. Rebecca is much more powerful than she was the last time they faced off.

At the end of the episode, Tasha shows up at Rebecca's hideout. Rebecca welcomes her with a hug.





Episode 419 - EMERGENCE

Tasha is completely evil and under Rebecca's control. Her first task is to destroy the LAPD's headquarters. Tasha shows up at the front door. Suddenly, the entire building explodes and is consumed by flames. The black smoke fills the sky.

The team sees what happened on the news. Captain Garcia calls them. Steve promises him that they will take care of it. Tasha starts taking out a few more police stations. Garcia says she is targeting all the precincts that have been outfitted to hold tainted criminals. The team finally confronts her at one of them. She warns them to stay out of her way. They refuse. Tasha blows up the building behind them, injuring Brandon and Page. Steve shoots electricity at her, but it just seems to fuel her flames. She unleashes a fireball at the team. They disperse. When they turn around, Tasha is gone. They take Brandon and Page to the medical center, where Deanna tends to their injuries. Deanna warns them about how powerful and dangerous Tasha really is. Julie is surprised that Rebecca has such total control over Tasha. She says they have to find Rebecca. She says she must be well protected, that controlling Tasha must take extreme concentration and focus. She says she cannot break through unless Rebecca's focus is broken. Steve and the rest of the team start searching and putting out the word. Julie says she will continue to try to find Rebecca telepathically.

Steve and Damien go to Zander's. Brandon and Page reach out to their contacts. Brandon talks about his worst fear; that they may have to kill one of his closest friends. Page tells him if Julie succeeds, it will not come to that.





Episode 420 - REACHING OUT

Steve calls on Crystal and Kevin Marx. Their powers of ice and water will be needed to contain the devastation Tasha is unleashing. Rebecca sends Tasha out on her next task, to destroy NowGex. Tasha attacks one of their labs in the valley. Upon learning of this, Steve contacts Helen Carmichael and tells her to evacuate all of the NowGex facilities immediately. Helen begins evacuating NowGex when Tasha shows up. She begins hurling fireballs at the building. Julie, Damien, Crystal, and Kevin show up and confront her.

Steve, Brandon, and Page follow a lead and find Rebecca's hideout. A big fight breaks out with Rebecca's henchmen. When Rebecca is forced to use her powers against the team, her hold on Tasha weakens. Tasha's resolve begins to falter and Julie tries to reach her telepathically. Tasha asks Julie to help her, before falling back under Rebecca's control again. Rebecca escapes from the team, but they have her henchmen.

Leah Parker is concerned as she covers the mayhem caused by Tasha. She cannot cover for her this time. She talks to the team and they explain what is going on. Tasha escapes from the team, but they were able to save most of the NowGex employees. The team realizes that Rebecca is attacking all the places that hold the neutralizing serum. They rush back to the medical center, which is in deed, under attack. Deanna is seriously injured. They find her and get her out as the facility burns to the ground.





Episode 421 - ABLAZE Part 1

The team meets at Nexus Investigations along with Leah Parker, Deanna, Crystal and Kevin Marx. They have one of the henchmen tied up. He seems to be Rebecca's second in command. They mention that his men are all in custody. Julie wants to use her powers. Page stops her and tells her to conserve her energy for the inevitable task of saving Tasha. Page uses her powers on the man and he tells them Rebecca's plans. She is taking Tasha to Washington D.C. and plans to take over the federal government. Steve goes into a panic for a moment. Julie calms him down. He regains his composure. He tells Julie to call Rachel Fields. He tells Brandon to call Jake and see if he can warn them down in Washington. He does and Jake immediately calls his contacts in D.C.

Rachel joins them and they all head down to the nation's capitol. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Tasha land in Washington. Rebecca's first target is the Supreme Court. Tasha creates a huge explosion in the building. Next is The Capitol. As authorities rush to the Court, Rebecca and Tasha walk right up the steps to the Capitol. The team shows up and confronts them. This time, Rebecca's only protection is Tasha. Page and Steve help people evacuate the building. Meanwhile, the rest of the team fights with Tasha. Rachel tries to get to Rebecca, but cannot get past Tasha.

Rebecca's focus weakens. Tasha does not blow up the building but causes fires in several areas of the complex. She shoots fireballs at the team. They scatter. Crystal and Kevin try to extinguish her flames. Damien tackles Tasha. Rebecca is suddenly afraid and flees. Tasha's flames do not burn Damien. She unleashes a fireball knocking him into his teammates. Rebecca talks through Tasha telling them they are no match for her. Tasha shoots flames at them. She creates a huge wall of fire between her and the team and escapes. When the flames around them go out, they see an explosion coming from The White House....

To Be Continued...




Episode 422 – ABLAZE Part 2 (Season Finale)

The team rushes to The White House, which is in flames. Steve tells Damien he has to sit this one out. They fight. Steve says they need Rachel to absorb Damien's powers so she can get close to Tasha and absorb some of her powers. Damien reluctantly agrees and wishes them luck. Rachel steals his powers and goes in with the team. Crystal and Kevin begin putting out the flames. Julie tells the team to focus their attack on Rebecca.

Inside, Tasha and Rebecca stand in the oval office. President Henry Wright is down on his knees before them. As Rebecca begins making her demands, the team barges in. The place is full of badly burned corpses of Secret Service Agents. A fight breaks out. Julie telekinetically moves The President out of harm's way. She begins to hurl objects at Tasha telekinetically. The rest of the team attacks Rebecca weakening her hold on Tasha. Rachel grabs Tasha from behind and absorbs some of her powers. It is too much and she is hurled against the wall in flames.

Julie is able to telepathically break into Tasha's mind. Inside Tasha's mind, Julie and Rebecca fight for control. She sees Tasha's consciousness tied to a chair and gagged. Julie asks her to help. Rebecca pushes the chair and Tasha falls into a black abyss.

In the oval office, Tasha and Julie stand still with their eyes closed. The team continues to attack Rebecca. Rachel recovers and grabs her, weakening her further.

In Tasha's mind, Julie defeats Rebecca. Rebecca, Tasha, and Julie suddenly collapse in the middle of the Oval Office. Page asks if that is it? They look around at the carnage around them. \

Later, The President thanks Steve. In the end, Steve joins the team at the hospital, where Julie, Tasha, and Rebecca are all unconscious. Deanna says they are all exhibiting minimal brain activity and she does not know if they will ever wake up. Steve sits by Julie's bed trying to keep from crying.