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The team is still dealing with the aftermath of the battle in Washington. Julie wakes up from her coma, but Tasha does not. Steve temporarily loses his powers when an EM pulse hits L.A., and Julie's sister, Emma, moves in with them when their parents die in a plane crash. This year, the team is recruited by the LAPD and works as an elite division of the force. Also this season, the 100th episode brings Tasha out of her coma, and as she deals with the consequences of her actions, she decides to leave the team. The main threat this season is Aramus Technologies and the new U.S. President, who unleashes Aramus's androids to wipe out all the tainted in the U.S. But the Aramis Artificial Intelligence becomes self-aware and turns on all humans, leading to a deadly showdown in the Aramus Tower where one member of the team will die.


Episode 501: AWAKENING

Episode 502: MELTDOWN

Episode 503: FAMILY

Episode 504: ADAPTATION

Episode 505: RECRUITED


Episode 507: FALLEN

Episode 508: VICE IN OFFICE

Episode 509: UNSOLVED

Episode 510: SPARKS

Episode 511: OPEN SEASON

Episode 512: SINS OF THE PAST* (#100)

Episode 513: EXCUSES


Episode 515: ON THE STREETS

Episode 516: PRIMAL

Episode 517: IN PIECES

Episode 518: ALMOST LOST

Episode 519: SCATTERED

Episode 520: AWARENESS

Episode 521: UNITED

Episode 522: THE STAND







Episode 501 – AWAKENING (Season Premiere)

Steve is sitting by Julie's bedside in a hospital in Los Angeles. Page is sitting at Nexus Investigations in case a new client calls or comes in. Damien is on the roof of the building looking out at the L.A. skyline. Brandon is sitting by Tasha's bed. Deanna visits both Tasha and Julie. Julie wakes up, Tasha and Rebecca do not. Julie's parents are notified and they get on a plane to Los Angeles. Julie desperately tries to wake Tasha up, but it is no use. Deanna says that Julie cannot help her. If she wakes up, she will have to do it on her own. Julie is devastated. Meanwhile, Steve and the team are happy that she woke up. It has been three months!

We see that the president is still grateful to Steve and the team for saving his life. Billy Quinn calls Steve. He tells him and the team to withdraw all of their money from the banks and to cash in all of their investments immediately. He does not explain. Steve trusts him enough to do what he says.

Leah Parker reports Ethan Evans' Aramis Technologies has been commissioned by the Federal Government to upgrade all their security systems. We see Ethan meeting with President Wright. Ethan is clearly against the tainted. He says that he would like a grant to create advanced androids that could defend against the tainted. Wright agrees. Victoria "Magnetica" Fox escapes from prison and is chased by the police.

At the end of the episode, Victoria unleashes an electromagnetic pulse that wipes out the power grid and all the electronics within range. The lights go out at Nexus Investigations.





Episode 502 - MELTDOWN

The team finds Steve passed out on the floor. The power is still out, as are the phones. Nothing works. Julie is worried about Steve. He slowly wakes up. Nobody knows what happened. They step outside and see that nothing is working. Traffic lights, cars, all have stopped dead in their tracks. They see a dark cloud of smoke coming from the airport. Steve gets into his car and tries to use his powers to jumpstart it, but his powers do not work. He gets a little concerned. He tries other things, but his powers are gone. He decides not to tell anyone.

In Washington, President Wright is briefed on what happened. He is told that an electromagnetic pulse was set off in Los Angeles. The president fears the worst. They assure him no nuclear weapons are involved. The President declares a State of Emergency as the pulse has affected a huge region in Southern California.

The team goes out on bikes and sees the chaos outside. Many people are leaving their cars and walking along the streets and freeways. The team makes it to Captain Garcia's precinct. He is in a panic saying that this is unheard of. Even cell phones are out. One cop has a small battery operated transistor radio. It reports about the blackout blanketing the area. They learn that it was an electromagnetic pulse. The military has been dispatched. Emergency personnel including firefighters and paramedics are on their way from neighboring areas. Efforts are already under way to repair the power.

Brandon realizes that Julie's parents should have arrived at LAX by now. He tells Julie. The team hijacks an old run down pick-up truck (non-electric) and make their way to the airport. Julie uses her powers to move the stalled vehicles out of their way. It is a mess with several plane crashes. Emergency personnel are arriving via helicopters and are pulling people out of the various wrecks. Julie and the team look for her parents amid the chaos.





Episode 503 - FAMILY

At the airport, the team splits up in search of Darrel and Lynnette Hayes. Brandon finds them dead. Julie sees them and breaks down in tears as paramedics take their bodies away. The team all goes down to New Orleans. There is a funeral for Julie's parents. Julie's sister, Emma, is devastated. One of Julie's aunts says she can take her in. After talking it over with Steve and Emma, they decide that Emma should come live with them. Julie has to fight and argue with her relatives who do not want Emma to go live with her. They also try to convince Julie to move out of Los Angeles since it is in chaos because of the pulse. Page comforts Brandon, who is also devastated by their deaths. Damien feels awkward and is not sure how to act.

Leah Parker is frustrated at work as she has to write out all her reports by hand. They are also waiting for new equipment from their affiliates. She walks around with a pen and pad taking note of the damage and effects of the pulse.

The team returns home with Emma. Emma and Julie seem distant. Damien and Page discuss the pulse. They are convinced that Victoria Fox is behind this. Meanwhile, Victoria is terrified at what she has done. She goes to Helen Carmichael at NowGex begging her to undo what NowGex did to her. Helen tells her that all their equipment and records were wiped out by the pulse and they cannot help her.

Ethan Evans visits Ellen Henry (321) in prison. It turns out that she is his sister. He tells her that the president has commissioned Aramis to construct androids for the secret service. He tells her he will get her out soon. She tells him how proud she is of him.





Episode 504 - ADAPTATION

Steve gets into a fight with Billy Quinn. Billy says he knew about the pulse, but not about Julie's parents. He stresses that he cannot mess with the timeline. He is not God. He also warns that things will get worse before they get better. Steve is also concerned that they have not been getting paying clients lately. Julie and Emma come to terms with their new living arrangement. Page hangs out with Emma, but Emma would rather spend more time with Brandon. She has a crush on him.

Leah is having a tough time at work, as the anarchy outside gets worse. Many of her co-workers treat her badly. Some begin to think she is tainted. When she goes home and finds her place ransacked, she meets with the team. Leah tells them some of the stories she has come across. She is afraid to even go outside. The team tells her she can stay in their building as long as she wants. Leah asks Steve if he can use his powers to reestablish some power. Steve simply gets up and walks out. Julie follows him. He tells her that he hasn't been able to use his powers since the pulse. He asks her not to tell anyone.

Damien tells Brandon that he may have feelings for Julie. Brandon tells him not to go there. Steve is the jealous type and Julie loves him.

Emergency personnel are working around the clock outside. The police precincts are flooded with complaints, as are the fire department and hospitals. Captain Garcia is very upset and has been working nonstop since the pulse hit.

Meanwhile, at the Aramis Technologies Plant in Virginia, Ethan Evans watches as the first androids come off the assembly line. They look exactly like normal people. We see that President Wright is behind him looking on.





Episode 505 - RECRUITED

The team goes out on patrol. Emma tags along with Julie, who is a little overprotective. Steve remains in the office. They use their powers to stop the looting and other crimes going on around town. Julie and Brandon also use their powers to clear blocked roadways and help emergency personnel. The others ask about Steve, saying his powers could help. Julie tells them he has stuff to do back at the office.

Steve is called in to meet with Commissioner Thomas Klein and Captain Garcia. They tell him they want to recruit the team into the LAPD. At first, Steve thinks it is a joke. They lay out all the details. They need them especially since the pulse. Steve talks it over with the team. They are reluctant, but are realistic about their current financial status. They agree with the condition that Steve be their commanding officer.

Julie convinces Steve to see Deanna. She runs some tests on him. She tells him she does not know if his powers will return. Steve asks about Tasha. Deanna says there is no change. He goes in to see her.

Julie talks to Damien. She tells him she senses his feelings. He says he has tried to stop feeling this way, but cannot help it. She tells him she is married and that she is very much in love with Steve. Steve overhears the conversation.

At the end of the episode, Steve and Damien get into a fight over Julie. Damien notices that Steve does not use his powers.





Leah decides to officially move in to one of the apartments above the team's offices. Damien helps her move her stuff. They talk about how the pulse changed everything. They joke about how he was going to use the GAD on her when they first met (102). She says that seems like a lifetime ago. He tells her that he is avoiding Steve and tells her about Julie and the fight with Steve.

Androids have been placed around the perimeter of the Capitol, Supreme Court, and The White House, which are all still under reconstruction. The androids can detect the presence of the tainted and are programmed to engage them if they come within a certain distance. Ethan Evans tries to persuade President Wright to create an elite android force to exterminate the tainted. He tells him he is close to creating artificial intelligence, androids that can think. President Wright refuses. Evans tells him that one tainted person was responsible for the EMP in Los Angeles. He can stop something like that from happening again. Wright refuses, calling it unconstitutional. Ethan then conspires with Vice President Raymond Barton. Barton is very anti-tainted and fully supports Ethan's plan.

Steve and Julie argue. She is angry at him for fighting with Damien. Emma screams at them to stop fighting and leaves. She goes to Brandon and hangs out with him and Page as they oversee the LAPD equipment being moved into their offices. When Emma and Brandon are alone, she tells him she blames Julie for her parents' death.

Captain Garcia officially welcomes the team to the force. He explains their procedure and gives them all badges and walkie-talkies. He also gives them CBs to put in their vehicles. Damien talks to Steve and apologizes. Steve reluctantly accepts his apology.





Episode 507 - FALLEN

Brandon saves Tricia Lopez from a few thugs on the street. She then injects him with something and the thugs kidnap him. Brandon wakes up in an abandoned warehouse chained up. Tricia begins to torture him, all the while telling him how he has ruined her life. When Brandon learns that she is the daughter of Russell Lopez (109), he is devastated and overwhelmed with guilt. Page goes out to look for Brandon. She learns of the kidnapping. She follows the clues leading to the warehouse. She uses her powers on the thugs and sends them away. Inside, she fights hand to hand with Tricia. She frees Brandon and calls for back-up. Uniformed cops arrive and arrest Tricia and the thugs. Page uses her powers on the thugs to make sure they will confess. The cops take them away and Page takes Brandon home. Emma is relieved when Brandon comes home and offers to nurse him back to health. He assures her, he will be fine.

Brandon talks to Damien about Russell Lopez and Tricia. Damien has killed people in the past, and knows what he is going through. He tells him that it was an accident and that Brandon needs to get past it.

Steve and Julie respond to a body found in an alley off Sunset. They recognize her. It is Victoria Fox! After the coroner's report it is concluded that it was suicide. The team tells Captain Garcia that she was responsible for the pulse and the guilt over its effects was more than she could bear. Julie convinces Steve to tell the team about the loss of his powers.





Episode 508 - VICE IN OFFICE

President Wright is assassinated. Vice President Barton takes office. Aramis achieves Artificial Intelligence. Barton has Evans begin mass production of the AI androids and tells him he wants the U.S. to be a tainted-free nation.

The team is shocked by the news of President Wright's death. The official cause is a heart attack. Around town, businesses are slowly re-opening, as the city now has gotten most of the power back online.

Julie and Emma get into a big fight when Emma finally tells Julie that she blames her for their parents' death. They were coming to see her when they died. Julie and Emma ultimately resolve their issues.

The team investigates a murder at an office downtown. It turns out that Bart De Nova can control other people's bodies. After questioning Anthony Fino, the man who committed the murder, Julie learns that he was not in control of his body at the time. Brandon and Julie go undercover at the company. Damien and Page question all the employees. They learn that Bart had motive. When he is discovered, he tries to turn Brandon on Julie. Julie uses her telekinesis to keep Brandon at bay and attacks Bart's mind. Bart passes out and wakes up in jail.

Damien bumps into Leah. She asks him how he likes being a cop. He says he likes the authority of it. She asks about Steve and Julie and he says they are okay. He admits he has always fallen for the wrong women. They go out for drinks together.





Episode 509 - UNSOLVED

Damien thinks he sees Valerie Carter, the woman that took him in and taught him how to live a life of crime. He had led a mutiny and overthrew her. He tries to follow her, but she is lost in the crowd. Damien remains distracted back in the office. Steve asks him what is going on. Damien refuses to tell him. Back in his apartment he sits in the dark (possible flashbacks of him and Valerie).

Bruce Mancini (106) is found dead and Brandon and Julie are assigned the case. He was brutally killed. When the reports come in, they discover that he was not cut up, but ripped apart. The team thinks it was a tainted criminal with super strength. They go through their files of known tainted people. When another tainted victim is found, they realize that someone has the ability to detect the tainted and is hunting them down. They pay a visit to Helen Carmichael at NowGex. She assures them that they have abandoned all such projects. No cyborgs or mind control agents have been produced. NowGex is still recovering from the pulse. They are baffled by the murder. There were no forensic clues at the scene or on the body.

Ethan speaks with the Vice President. He tells him that his first AI android has already taken out two tainted people in L.A.

Steve asks Page to stop by Damien's place. He knows something is wrong. Page tries to talk with Damien, but he refuses to talk to her and leaves. He drives around looking for Valerie. Deanna calls Steve and says she may have a way to get him his powers back, but it will be painful.





Episode 510 - SPARKS

Damien finds Valerie. He is happy to see her. She is also glad, but more reserved. She tells him that rumor has it he had changed. She touches his face. He asks her what she is doing here. She tells him she is being followed by someone. She thinks it is a government agent. They are attacked by the android. Damien helps fight it off. He defeats it and they discover that it is an android. He takes it back to the office. The entire team is fascinated by the technology. Valerie stays with Damien. He describes her as an old friend. She is still evil, though. Valerie asks Damien why he is helping her; she would not have done the same for him. The last time they saw each other, he nearly killed her.

Page knows a little about Valerie from her days in Damien's gang. She tells him he has put the entire team at risk by bringing her here and he needs to tell them who she is.

Steve tells Julie about the procedure to restore his powers. It could kill him. Julie does not want him to do it, but she knows how badly he wants it. She goes with him to Deanna. Deanna uses paddles and shocks Steve several times. He screams out in pain each time. Afterwards, he tries to use his powers and they are back.

Emma begins hearing things at night. She also finds that she has the ability to see great distances and zoom in on them. She is afraid of it and does not tell anyone. Emma goes to school. She passes out from hearing the thousands of voices around her at once. Julie picks her up and asks her what is wrong, but she does not tell.





Episode 511 - OPEN SEASON

Ethan is shocked that one of his androids was taken out. Still, he has unleashed them in all the major cities. We see attacks and murders in various cities being committed by the androids. Leah sees the reports and tells the team. They try to find the origin of the androids and come up with Aramis Technologies. Brandon and Page question people at the Los Angeles offices. They deny having anything to do with the androids and do not believe the questions they are being asked. When they are asked about the contract with the Federal Government, they say it is classified and cannot be revealed for National Security. Page uses her powers to learn the limited information the LA Branch is privy to.

Valerie goes on a stealing spree and returns with new clothes. Damien gets upset with her and tells her he will have to arrest her if she does not stop. He tries to tell her that she does not have to live like this. She tells him she enjoys it. He tells her it will get her killed. Valerie realizes that he really cares about what happens to her. They sleep together.

Two androids are parked outside Emma's school. They detect that she is tainted. She can hear them talking to each other and realizes they are coming after her. She runs and bumps into Robert Paris (311). He gives her a ride. As they drive off, Robert has his other bodies facing off with the androids. He is hurt while driving, from the fighting outside. His other bodies dissipate. Emma has no idea who he is. He introduces himself and takes her to a safehouse. She wants to go home, but he tells her home is no longer safe. She meets Crystal Marx. They already know each other. Crystal calls Julie and she and Steve go to the safehouse. They all discuss the androids. Julie is hurt that Emma did not talk to her about her newfound powers.





Episode 512 – SINS OF THE PAST (100th Episode)

Tasha wakes up. She is devastated by the carnage she caused. She is also afraid of her own powers. The team is thrilled that she is awake. They help her deal with her guilt and try to tell her that it was Rebecca, not her, that was responsible. Tasha has a hard time accepting that. After a night under observation, she is allowed to go home. Everything is different to her. The team tells her about the pulse and their recruitment into the LAPD.

Damien tries to turn Valerie away from her criminal ways. She considers it, when suddenly, cops barge into Damien's apartment. They are very rough with Valerie and he tries to calm everyone down. Valerie uses her powers and kills the cops. She kisses Damien and says it is too late for her. She runs out.

Emma asks Julie and Steve what will happen to Tasha now. They say they are not sure. They explained to the authorities that Tasha was being used as a weapon by Rebecca Grey. They suspect if Rebecca ever wakes up, she will face the death penalty.

Ethan Evans asks President Barton to pardon his sister, Ellen Henry (503). Barton does and she is released from prison. Ethan shows her the androids he is creating.





Episode 513 - EXCUSES

Tasha tries to move on and considers rejoining the team. She meets with Captain Garcia. He tells her that she will have to display complete control over her powers, but that he can convince the commissioner to recruit her into Steve's department. She tells him she will have to think about it.

Later, Brandon and Tasha are attacked by one of the androids and she uses her powers for the first time since the attack on Washington (422). It is too much for her to handle and she runs away. She realizes that she cannot control it, not completely. Brandon talks to Julie about what happened.

Damien faces an investigation by internal affairs for aiding and harboring Valerie. He explains that he believes she can be rehabilitated. He was close to reaching her when the officers barged in and drove her away. He says it is because of them that she is out there. He talks to Page about the whole situation with Valerie. Page asks Brandon to help them find Valerie. He is hesitant, but agrees to help.

FBI agents show up at the precinct to question Tasha about Washington. Steve and Julie talk to them first. Afterwards, they speak with Tasha in front of Steve and Julie. They ultimately decide not to charge her with anything. Later, the agents show up at the hospital and kill Rebecca Grey, deciding it was too dangerous to keep her alive.

Tasha tells Julie about the android that attacked her and how she almost lost control of her powers. Julie tells her to start training with Deanna again. Tasha says she does not want to. She admits to actually enjoying the freedom and loss of control she felt in Washington and it scares her. Julie and Steve talk about their concern for Tasha that night.





Episode 514 - EXTINGUISHED

Tasha decides not to use her powers anymore. She tells Brandon that she plans on leaving town. Brandon tries to talk her out of it. He tells the others and they each talk with Tasha. She does not change her mind and deep down they feel that she is right. They all say their goodbyes and vow to keep in touch.

Damien is suspended. He uses his time off to search for Valerie with Brandon and Page. They tell Damien that she most likely left town and there is no telling where she could have gone. They tell him he has to let her go, not everyone can be saved. He has a hard time accepting that.

Steve begins feeling pressure from his superiors when more tainted murder victims are discovered. The team thinks that there are several androids out there and search for a possible assembly plant.

Emma's powers are developing faster and she is having trouble blocking out other people's voices. Julie takes her to Deanna. Deanna tells Julie about a ranch where she has set up a training facility for young tainted people whose powers are just starting to emerge. She thinks it would be a good environment for Emma. At first, Julie refuses. After discussing it with Steve and Emma, they agree to send her to Deanna's ranch.





Episode 515 - ON THE STREETS

Julie and Steve take Emma to Deanna's ranch, where she joins other tainted teens. It is difficult for Julie to let her go, but Emma is happy to be there and Deanna assures her Emma will be fine.

Julie and Page go undercover as prostitutes when women are found dead, dried up with no water in their bodies. The girls go out on the streets and question other girls. They get into a fight with some of them. They note the different cars that stop to solicit them. When another girl is found dead, they put out an APB for the vehicle that picked her up. Page gets picked up by the killer, Barry Corbin. He takes her to a motel room. He jumps on top of her. Page has a flashback from an attempted rape back when she was a teenager. She is too distraught to even use her powers. He kisses her and begins to suck the moisture out of her body. The team breaks in and arrests Barry.
Page is really shaken up. Julie is upset that they cannot do more for these girls. Captain Garcia says that they can keep arresting them, but they always go back.

Page tells Julie about what happened to her when she first discovered her powers. She thought she had gotten past it, but this case has brought it all back. Brandon tries to comfort Page, but she shies away from his touch. She says she just needs to be alone. Julie tells Brandon to be patient with her, but does not tell him what Page told her.

Damien uses their contacts to locate a property owned by a subsidiary of Aramis Technologies outside of town.





Episode 516 - PRIMAL

Brandon and Julie investigate a case involving what appear to be cannibals. A victim is in the hospital with severe injuries and human teeth marks. They question the victim and he says there was a pack of people, but they acted like wild animals. They go to the site of the attack, searching for more clues. One of the killers jumps on Brandon from the fire escape and bites him. Brandon grabs him and hurls him into the wall. They cuff him and take him into custody. He does not speak, only grunts and growls.

Meanwhile, Steve and Damien go to the Aramis assembly plant outside of town. They are not allowed in without a warrant. Steve tries to get one from the DA's office.

Page is called in when the victim in the hospital gets violent and attacks the doctors and nurses in the hospital. The doctors do not know what is wrong with him. Page calls Deanna. She figures it out and works on an antidote for the virus. She says the virus has to be injected into the blood.

At the same time, Brandon begins acting strangely and runs off. Damien and Page help Julie track down Brandon to the park where they find him with a pack of infected people eating away at a jogger. Julie realizes that Brandon is functioning purely on instinct and is not thinking at all.
Brandon jumps on top of Page. Julie and Damien come to her aid. They fight and capture the pack. Deanna administers the antidote. One of the killers tells them who his dealer is. They find the drug dealer, Clay Dougherty, and arrest him.

Brandon tries to apologize to Page, but she is too traumatized to accept it. Brandon admits to Julie that he now understands what Tasha was talking about when she said part of her liked losing control.





Episode 517 - IN PIECES

Steve gets his warrant and the team goes back to the Aramis assembly plant. They look around. There is no sign of androids. Julie uses her powers to learn of a secret sub-basement. There they see the androids under construction. The employee say that it is all legitimate, that these were ordered by the Federal Government for the Secret Service and Security Personnel. Steve tells him that his androids have been attacking innocent people in the city. The man says they only assemble them. Programming is done elsewhere. Steve discusses the situation with Captain Garcia. He is concerned that this may be a legitimate government operation. The captain warns him that pursuing this could have some serious consequences. Steve asks him what he would do. Garcia smiles. Damien is put back on active duty.

Brandon tries to talk to Page but she says she needs her space. She explains that she is dealing with stuff he can't understand. He wants to know, but she refuses to tell him. He gets upset and says he's had enough. That night Page has a nightmare about her near rape in high school. She wakes up and starts crying.

Julie returns from visiting Emma at Deanna's ranch and finds Page a mess. She talks with her. Page begins taking her anti-depressants again.

Steve briefs the team about the possible government connection to Aramis and the android assassins. Page is not present and Julie covers for her. He tells them pursuing this could cost them their jobs. Nobody backs down.

They look into Ethan Evans past and discover that he is Ellen Henry's brother.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Ellen are at the programming facility. We see their large computer server, the mainframe and master computer connected to all the androids.





Episode 518 - ALMOST LOST

Steve is becoming obsessed with this case and Julie is always worrying and helping the various members of the team. A rift grows between them. They get into an argument when neither one of them wants to hear what the other is talking about.

Ethan and Ellen meet with President Barton. Ethan reports that fifty tainted people were exterminated since the androids have been released. He also says they found a large concentration of tainted activity on what appears to be a ranch on the outskirts of Los Angeles. He says three androids are en route right now.

Julie and Brandon study the android. She vents about her problems with Steve. Brandon says he is the last person to give relationship advice, considering how screwed up things got with Page. He asks Julie if maybe he made a mistake letting Lilah go (408). Julie says he followed his heart. Brandon tells her that it's over with Page.

Brandon talks with Tasha over the phone and tells her what they found in the android. She tells him that their eyes have satellite links and that they can detect the exact radiation signature given off by the tainted. She says it is a good thing the tainted are sparse. Julie immediately thinks of Emma and Deanna's ranch. Julie tries calling the ranch, but there is no answer. Julie has local uniformed cops check in on the ranch.

Damien is on a date with Leah Parker when he gets a call from Julie.

Brandon goes to Page. She is still a little depressed. He is very harsh with her. He tells her that whatever she is dealing with, to get over it. The world does not revolve around her and the team needs her. She joins them.

The team gets to the ranch. The uniformed cops are dead. The school is in anarchy. The team splits up and fights the androids. Some students and teachers are found dead. Deanna is trapped in a bunker with Emma and other students. Many of them are crying. An android breaks in. Deanna pulls out a gun and shoots him several times. The bullets have no effect. He shoves her aside and moves in on the children. He grabs Emma by the throat, when Brandon suddenly tackles him. Steve and Damien take out another android. Julie takes out the third and is still looking for her sister. Page helps the students escape. Brandon is severely hurt in the fight with the android. Steve shoots high voltage into the android causing it to short circuit. Julie and Emma reunite. Emma says Brandon saved her life.





Episode 519 - SCATTERED

Crystal Marx meets with Steve and the team. She tells him there are several missing tainted people from the safe houses. Steve tells her it may be best if they dissolve the safe houses. Crystal argues that many of the tainted in the safe houses are too deformed to go out in public. They cannot support themselves or really be a part of society. Steve tells her to keep them in small groups or else the androids will detect them.

The team splits up to help the various groups of the tainted underground relocate. Brandon notices that they are being followed. A car chase ensues. They crash. And Brandon and some tainted refugees face off with the android. Suddenly, there is a little explosion in the android and he falls to the ground. Brandon looks up to see Lilah Reyes on the fire escape.

Meanwhile, one of the androids kills a norm. President Barton is furious and talks with Ethan Evans. Ethan tells him it must be a malfunction. He runs a diagnostic on the main computer but finds nothing wrong. He also runs tests on the individual android, but finds nothing. He dismisses it as a glitch.

Julie is glad to have Emma home with her. Steve talks with Julie about the fight they had. They both apologize and agree to set aside alone time with each other.

Page talks to Damien about how things ended with Brandon. She admits to him that she loves Brandon. Damien tells her to let him go. She has put him through a great deal. For five years he has tried to reach her and she blew it.





Episode 520 - AWARENESS

Commissioner Klein (504) calls Steve to LAPD headquarters. He orders him to not interfere with the androids. He is getting pressure from above to close the investigation. Steve refuses. The commissioner asks for his badge and says his unit is officially shut down. The police come into the team's offices and take back all the LAPD equipment. They all turn in their badges. Steve is furious. Julie comforts him.

An investigation is launched into President Barton's relations with Aramis Technologies when news of their agenda leaks into Congress.

Leah Parker reveals the plot to exterminate the tainted in a special report. Debates and protests break out. Some support a tainted free country, while tainted rights advocates protest and demand Barton be impeached.

Brandon goes out with Lilah. They discuss everything that has happened. They are attacked by an android. Lilah is seriously injured. Brandon fights off the android. He flees with Lilah and takes her to the hospital. Deanna meets them there.

More norms are killed by the androids. In the end, Aramis's artificial intelligence mainframe becomes self-aware. The employees are all killed and the computer takes over the building. Ethan escapes, but Ellen is killed in the escape.





Episode 521 - UNITED

The Aramis Mainframe continues to build androids. It now programs them to kill norms and tainted alike. Ethan calls President Barton and tells him what has happened. Barton is furious. He also learns that he is being impeached. Ethan goes into hiding.

Brandon visits Lilah in the hospital. On his way home he sees an android attack a woman on the street. He comes to her aid. He discovers that she is not tainted. He reports this back to Steve.

All the major cities are in anarchy. The androids are loose and are killing every human in sight. The LAPD is no match against them. President Barton confesses everything before Congress and tells them about the androids' new directive. He asks to call in the group of tainted who rescued the city from the flamethrower's seige (422). Senator Nicholas Hill contacts Steve. Damien discusses the whole situation with Page. He says he always knew this day would come. When the norms' hatred of the tainted would bring about the end of mankind. It was why he wanted to build up an army of tainted followers in the first place. So that thier kind would be ready for this inevitable confrontation. That night Steve and Julie discuss the call from the senator. He tells her this is bad. He can feel it. She agrees. Later, Julie confides in Brandon that she may be pregnant. She tells him not to tell anyone.

The team flies out to Washington. There they meet up with Tasha, who was also contacted. They meet with a congressional committee. They are briefed on the situation. The government is declaring a state of Marshall Law. The military is being dispatched to all the major cities. President Barton speaks with them. He tells them that from what Ethan has said, destroying the mainframe will not stop the androids. There is no telling how many are out there. The only way to stop this is to gain control over the mainframe and reprogram them. They all turn to Tasha. She tells them it will be very difficult. They ask about Ethan. Barton says he has fled undercover. Tasha says they need to find him. The government offers up all their resources in this effort.

To Be Continued...





Episode 522 – THE STAND (Season Finale)

The tainted and norms must join forces against the androids or face extinction. We open with various fights taking place in the cities. The androids face off against law enforcement, the military, and the tainted (possible cameos of recurring characters). Julie uses her powers to try and locate Ethan Evans. Tasha is hard at work coming up with computer viruses and various other plans to disable the mainframe computer. Steve coordinates with government personnel. Julie and Damien find Ethan hiding out in a dirty old motel downtown. They ask him about the facility and the main computer. He tells them what kind of system it is and the location and security features. Just then, bullets come shooting through the wall and he is killed. Damien shields Julie from the onslaught of bullets and they flee as androids break into the room.

Julie and Damien report back to Steve and Tasha. She finds the information helpful in planning her method of attack.

Page finally tells Brandon that she loves him. He is surprised by it and not sure how to respond. She tells him she knows she blew it with him, but she wanted him to know that in case they don't survive this.

Julie asks Steve to take care of Emma if anything happens to her. He assures her they will all make it.

The team leads a large group of military personnel in an attack on the Aramis Tech. tower. The computer's security system is formidable and dozens of androids are on watch. They attack from several directions at once. Damien gets Tasha inside. The rest of the team try to take out as many androids as possible. Many of the military men die in the mission. Tasha reaches a computer terminal. She tries to upload the virus. Damien uses his powers to protect her as she tries to break into the system.

Brandon and Steve are trapped in a chamber in the building with several androids. They are severely injured. The computer begins releasing toxic gas through the vents. Brandon and Steve think they are going to die and tell each other everything they want the other to know before they die. Brandon tells Steve he is going to be a father.

Meanwhile, Tasha tries various things to disarm the system. Damien continues to fight off the androids. Tasha ends up using her powers when he is overwhelmed.

Page is on the outskirts of the battle communicating with the various units inside.

Tasha finally disables the mainframe and uploads a self-destruct virus. Androids begin to self-destruct everywhere. Everyone evacuates the building. Steve and Brandon do not make it out before the building explodes.

To Be Continued...


Steve and Brandon are pulled out of the rubble, and the team is honored by the government in a televised ceremony.